Deparment Laboratories-

The campus is connected i.e. all labs are connected to a centralized server and all buildings are connected through fiber optic cable. Hence in all building all labs are on LAN and have internet connectivity.

Sr. No.Lab LocationArea of LabLab AssistantLab InchargeCost in Rs.
1 B103 90 Sq. Mtr Mrs. R. M. Kulkarni Mrs. V.A.Mishra 7,54,705/-
2 B104 90 Sq. Mtr Mr. M. G. Ambawale Mrs.P.D.More 7,40,230/-
3 B105 90 Sq. Mtr Mr. M. G. Ambawale Mrs. N.S. Bhirud 9,10,122/-
4 B303 90 Sq. Mtr Mr.G.R.Firme Mr.Y.K.Sharma 7,98,310/-
5 B304 90 Sq. Mtr Mrs.P.H.Kulkarni Mrs.V.V.Meshram 7,89,877/-
5 B305 90 Sq. Mtr Mrs.P.H.Kulkarni Mrs.F.M.Inamdar 5,79,435/-

Tutorial Rooms:-

1 B203A 66 Sq. Mtr
2 B203B 66 Sq. Mtr
3 B203C 66 Sq. Mtr