Induction Programes

The Program was conducted from 1st to 14th August 2017

Outline and Module for Induction Program The program was divided into 6 Modules:

  1. Creative Arts, further divided into 5 sub-modules: Photography, Painting & Drawing, Clay Activity, Cartoon Activity, Calligraphy
  2. Human Values:
  3. Students were enlightened to explore their own self and were made to experience the joy of learning, stand up to peer pressure, take decisions with courage, be aware of relationships with colleagues and supporting staff in the hostel & department, be sensitive to others, etc.
  4. Lecture by Eminent Personalities:
  5. Guest lectures were organized and conducted by eminent personalities from different fields for the students to get exposure to people who are socially active or in public life.
  6. Literary Activity:
  7. Literary activity included developing the skills like reading, writing, group discussions, debating and enacting a play.
  8. Proficiency Module
  9. Students passing from Junior college may possess the critical gap in the important skills like English communication, computer familiarity etc. Keeping in consideration this gap, crash courses for different subjects were conducted in order to overcome the gap substantially.
  10. Physical Activity/ Sports
  11. This involved a daily routine of physical activity with games and sports. Students were gathered in the College ground for light physical exercises or yoga and were made to play various sports and games, which helped them to develop team work.