Department Profile

Objective of the Department: To lay strong foundation of basic and engineering sciences in First Year students of all programs

We, at VIIT, impart the quality education to students. Our faculty put the best possible efforts to ensure that the students gain the proper technical skills along with the life skills, which helps them to face the world confidently and with high self-esteem. Students are motivated and guided by the experts to participate in various programs related to research, cultural, sports and academics. Disciplined environment, conducive to Teaching- Learning, with rigorous academic monitoring is maintained.

As the Institute has been awarded the Autonomous status by UGC, necessary and required changes as per the requirement of industry, after due revisions and monitoring by experts have been made in curriculum.

Engineering & Applied Sciences department plays a parental role for the budding engineers by offering Class Teacher and Batch Guardian scheme, through which attendance, academic performance and students' overall development is monitored. The department believes in not only developing academically oriented students but also shaping their personalities by exposing them to a variety of co-curricular & extracurricular activities like

  1. PBL (Project Based Learning)
  2. SciTech - Science and Technology Exhibition
  3. IAB -Industry Advisory Board
  4. AOL  Art of Living, Yes + program
  5. Counseling
  6. Mentoring
  7. NSS
  8. Induction Program

This year, the subject 'English for Engineers', is introduced, enabling our students to command the language and develop their aptitude skills, empowering them to lead a successful life ahead. The department works enormously to inculcate social values in students through active participation in NSS.

At Engineering and Applied Science department, Professional and personal guidance by the qualified counselor is provided to students, as and when required.

Mentoring sessions are conducted at frequent intervals, where-in the activities related to science & technology, motivation & inspiration are conducted. Effective and reasonable use of ICT - Google form assignments is encouraged among students.

The department has dedicated, motivated, devoted faculty with a passion for teaching. Faculty is committed to enrich their skills through continual higher education & research. Department has undertaken many research projects funded by various funding agencies. The department conducts seminars, workshops, conferences and faculty development programs for faculty advancement. More innovative methods in teaching - learning have been developed and implemented.

About the infrastructure, Engineering & Applied Science department has modern well-designed class rooms and are well equipped for adopting modern teaching aids like LCD projectors, overhead projectors etc. The laboratories are well equipped with latest equipment, demonstration kits, charts etc.

The department has played a key role in making the Institute one of the best Engineering Institutes, known not only for its excellent placement but also for its focus on student centric learning.

Dr. (Mrs.) Vaishali A.Patil
Head, Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences