Board of Examination

Board of Examination has been constituted for a period of two years from A.Y. 2017-18, as per details given below.

Sr.No.Name of the Staff  Designation
1. Prof. (Dr.) B. S. Karkare, Director Chairman
2. Dr. A. M. Chavan Director, Examination & Evaluation MVC Nominee, SPPU
3. Prof. (Dr.) S. N. Londhe Professor, Civil Engg. Member
4. Prof. (Dr.) Y. H. Dandawate Professor , E&TC Engg. Member
5. Prof. (Dr.) S. S. Chinchanikar Professor, Mech. Engg. & Dean,  Academics Member
6. Prof. (Dr.) R. S. Talware Asso. Professor, E&TC Engg. Member
7. Dr. (Mrs.) S. V. Patil Asso. Professor & Dean Q&A Member
8. Dr. (Mrs.) R. S. Bhalerao – Panajkar Asso. Professor & Dean Examination and admission Member Secretary