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Alumni Survey on Program Educational Objectives

Employer Survey on Program Educational Objectives

One week STTP on Design, Testing, Performance Evaluation & Applications of Microwave Antennae 2016

Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology (VIIT) is considered to be the best in top engineering institutes in Pune. VIIT is recognized as a premier institute amongst top engineering colleges in Pune or top engineering colleges in Pune placement wise by parents, students and industries.

VIIT is also rated as no 1 engineering college in Pune for overall student development.

Department of Electronics and Telecommunication of VIIT runs following programs-

  • Bachelor of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering(B. Tech),

  • Master of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (M.Tech E&TC in Signal Processing),

  • PhD program in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (PhD E&TC).

Academic results with TEN University Rankers in last 12 years and good placement records stand testimony of our solid bedrock reputation of the "Best Telecommunication Engineering Course in Pune" in the "Best Engineering College in Pune University".

Vision: Excellence in Electronics and Communication Engineering Education.


  • Provide excellent blend of theory and practical knowledge.

  • Establish centre of excellence in post graduate studies and research.

  • Prepare engineering professionals with highest ethical values and a sense of responsible citizenship.

The vision of the institute articulated through the mission statement is accomplished through the defined PEOs. The educational objectives of a programme are the statements that describe the expected achievements of graduates within first few years of their graduation from the programme. The programme objectives are guided by global and local needs, vision of the institution, long term goals etc. The program objectives are expected to continuously evolve in agreement with local employers, industry, R & D advisors, and the alumni. Following PEOs have been defined.

Program Educational Objectives: Graduate of the program will
  1. become competent electronic engineers suitable for industry.

  2. apply the mathematical and analytical abilities gained through core courses of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

  3. apply problem solving skills to develop hardware and/or software.

  4. become responsible citizen.

Dr. S. V. Kulkarni
Head, Department of Electronics and Telecommunication
Testimonials and Salient Features


Testimonial from Industry - Mr Rajan Shringarpure

Dear Prof. Dr. Khandekar,

At the outset let me thank you for giving us the opportunity to visit you and have interaction with your faculty members and the students. I was thoroughly impressed by the work done by your students and by your faculty members in particular. After all in industry we say "seeing is believing", we got to know the diverse capabilities that you have acquired and developed over the years. This is definitely give a competitive advantage to your students, they are really fortunate to have such a well learned, experienced, enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate faculty to impart knowledge.

Yes, we can do a lot together in terms of short/long term projects, internship programs, FDPs, industrial study tour etc. We are open and will show case our factory working as well as our reliability lab to your team as well. We can even spare our Officers to share their experiences related to Reliability Testing, Test Standards, Quality Management Systems, Lasers etc. which can be of mutual interest to the students as well as to the faculty members.

Once again many thanks to you and all your faculty members for sparing their valuable time during our visit.

Wishing you a great success in your endeavor.

With Best Regards,
Rajan Shringarpure
Managing Director & Director Operations -Draloric/Beyschlag Division
Vishay Components India Pvt. Ltd.


Testimonial from Employer - Shriharsh Datar

Hello Khandekar Sir,

Thanks to you, Vishal Ambore and the whole VIIT team who are working hard for the placement of the students.

Our college staff has put in a lot of efforts for placing me & most of the students from my batch. So I really respect those efforts and is thankful to our college. I will continue helping out our students/staff as much as I can.

Thanks and regards,
Shriharsh Datar
Marven Systems, Pune
(Alumnus and Recruiter)


Testimonial from Alumni - Prateek Thube

A Journey From Engineering to Civil Services

An interview of Mr. Prateek Thube was taken by Akash Lawande and Sundaresan Iyer, who secured a spectacular All India Rank of 248 at the UPSC examination. 


Our sincere congratulations for your rank at the Civil service exam.

Thank you!


Did you  find any correlation between engineering & the UPSC exam?

Of course, an engineer in any situation seeks answers to a problem thrown at you and reaches to the roots of it. And comes up with the most optimized answer and this is what is necessary for  an UPSC exam.


Time management seems to be one of the important aspects in studying for the UPSC and do you feel the necessity of classes?


Time management basically involves proper utilization of the available time & it does not become rudimental that you study continuously & strain yourself in doing the same. I usually preferred studying 2-3 subjects in a day but in parts, with regular breaks. This would help me in having a varied learning everyday. And about classes it is completely upto you whether to join, but with guidance one also understands the syllabus in classes


How do you choose electives in UPSC?


It needs to be a combination of your interest & understanding. I chose history , political science & International relationships.


Do you feel  language as a barrier in the UPSC interview ?


Absolutely not, it is upto you, since many people are more comfortable in expressing well in Marathi. So it is not a barrier.


Some excerpt on your interview in the exam?


The interview is basically not a test of your knowledge, but of your personality. 95% of what is asked is just on generalized topics. More than the answers you give, it is important how you give them. Your confidence and ability to defend your answers and handling pressure situations.


Your message for students preparing for the UPSC exam?


Engineers as such already have the power of logical reasoning on everything. This should be taken in a positive way and identify your strengths and work on it. Civil services is an amazing chance to serve for your nation and should be viewed as a good job opportunity.


Testimonial from Parents - Mrs. Saloni Datta

It is very difficult to be confident about the institution where our ward is studying. V.I.I.T.'s working system gave me the confidence that yes my daughter has gone to the right institute. The department gives confidence and practical knowledge in the form of workshops,guest lectures and ultra modern laboratories. Their batch guardian system makes them very disciplined and gave her right focus. Students are very well guided in their projects and the department also motivates students to their interest in research projects. She got the exposure to work with T.I.F.R. where she got the oppurtunity to meet very learned and renowned scientists.It boosted her moral and confidence. Today she is well placed through campus placement and all set to face the challenges,thanks to V.I.I.T.

Mrs. Saloni Datta
Teacher (Gurunanak Public School)


Testimonial from Student - Poorvi Govardhan

Its been one and a half year in the department and it has been my second home ever since my first semester here. Before joining the department I was filled with a misleading notion that the journey is extremely difficult. But now I proudly beg to differ. No doubt the curriculum is challenging but the faculty here is very supportive, encouraging, understanding and has always gone out of the way to help us. I was fortunate enough to do NI certified LabVIEW course that was offered by the department. I believe this department has been instrumental in building my personality and my thought process.