Mrs.Pradnya R. Dixit
Associate Professor
Life menmbership of ISH
Department of Civil Engineering
Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology, Pune 411048
(+91)-(020) 26950448

M.Tech (Hydraulics)
Ph. D (Water Resources and Environmental Technology)

Industry 01 Year
Teaching 10 Years
Research 04 Years

Area of Interest Water resources, Hydrology, Coastal and Ocean Engineering, Fluid Mechanics "

Research Interest
Soft computing Applications in Water resouce engineering,wave mechancis, Ocean Engineering

Technical Skills
Software used: MATLAB, WEKA, GP

Basic Civil Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics (I & II), Optimization Techniques, Mechanics of Waves, Hydrology,Planning and management of Water resources, Integrated water resorces and management

Inflow analysis of Chaskaman Reservoir in Bhima Basin , Magharashtra
Fabrication of Discharge measuring Instrument
Infilling of missing daily rainfall records using Genetic Programming,
Distributed rainfall runoff modelling using spatial analysis technique,
Evaporation Modelling,
Establishing relationship among variables of two or more gauge discharge sites in Krishna Basin ,
comaprative assesment of watersheds based on geohydrology with special reference to Vidarbha Region of Maharashtra,

Professionl Membership
Life member of Indian Society of Hydraulics (ISH)

5 international journals
12 international conference papers
3 National conference papers

Funded Research Projects
Infilling of missing daily rainfall records using soft computing techniques 2012-2014 (BCUD), 300000
Real time wave forecasting using wavelet based soft computing techniques 2013-2016 (AICTE),370000
Improving location specific wave forecast using Soft Computing Techniques 2013-2016 (INCOIS),1509000
Control of Hydraulic Jump Using abrup rise in the bed 2014-16 (BCUD),170000

Consultancy Projects
Consultancy on tilting flume, wind tunnel and allied testing worth more than 250000 Rs till date

Invited Talks
Soft Computing Techniques
STTP in HOC pillai, Rasayni, Panvel, July 2015
Expert lecture in Video Conferencing session for TE Civil students ( of 5 institutes under the umbrella of JSPM Trust) for the subject Fluid Mechanics -II ( UNIT II ) on 6/8/2014.
Fluid Mechanics II , Theory and Practicals, DYPCOE, August 2013,2012.
HWRE lecture in two days workshop of effective teaching methodology in FM II and HWRE, SIT, Pune.

Papers published in Journals
1 "Wave Forecasting using Neuro-Wavelet Technique",International Journal of Ocean and Climatic Systems, 5(4), Dec 2014, 237-248.
2 "Removing prediction lag in wave height forecasting using Neuro-Wavelet modeling technique" Ocean Engineering, 93, Jan 2015,74 - 83
3 "Forecasting Stream Flow using Support Vector Regression and M5 Model Trees",The International Journal of Engineering Research and Development (IJERD), 2(5), July 2012, 1-12
4 "Genetic programming: A Novel Computing Approach in Modeling Water Flows",Genetic Programming, InTech Publications, editor: Sebastian Ventura Soto, ISBN 980-953-307-215-4,, 2012,199-224
5 "Forecasting Stream Flow Using Model Trees", International Journal of Earth Sciences and Engineering ISSN 0974-5904, Volume 04, (06 SPL), October 2011, 282-285
Papers presented/published in International Conferences (India)
1 Error Reduction in Location Specific Wave Forecast Using Artificial Neural network, World Ocean Science Congress, Kochi, India, Feb 2015
2 Neurowavelet Applications for Wave Height Forecasting: A Review,World Ocean Science Congress, Kochi, India, Feb 2015
3 Improving Location Specific Wave Forecast Using Soft Computing Techniques, Hydro International, MANIT, Bhopal, India, December 2014
4 Performance of Different Daubechies Wavelets in Wave Forecasting, Hydro International, MANIT, Bhopal, India December 2014
5 Infilling of Missing Daily Rainfall Records using Artificial Neural Network, 3rd International Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering & Technology (ICRTET'2014), SNJB COE, Chandwad, Nasik, India, March 2014
6 Infilling of Missing Daily Rainfall Records using Genetic Programming, International Symposium on Integrated water resources management, CWRDM, Kozikode, India Feb 2014
7 Comparison of GP and CCWM for Infilling Missing Daily Rainfall Records, International Conference on Science and Technology ICST-2K14. SBPatil COE Indapur, Pune, India Feb 2014
8 Infilling Of Missing Daily Rainfall Records Using Soft Computing Tools, Hydro-International, Organized by IIT Madras and ISH, Dec 2013
9 Real Time Wave Forecasting Using Wavelet Based Soft Computing Technique, Hydro-International, Organized by IIT Madras and ISH, Dec 2013
10 Application Of Support Vector Regression In Hydraulic Forecasting: A Review, SPICON 2012, International Conference on Recent Advances in Engineering, Technology and Management, S.P. Engineering College, Mumbai, May 2012
11 Data Driven Modelling for stream Flow Forecasting, i-CORT 2012 International Conference on Recent Technologies, IOK-COE Pune, February 2012
12 Forecasting Stream Flow Using Model Trees, International Conference On Advances in Civil Engineering (ACE-2011), K L University, Vijayawada, India, October 2011
Papers presented/published in National Conferences/ seminars / symposia
1 Wave Forecasting Using Neuro-wavelet technique, INCHOE 2014, NIO Goa, Feb 2014
2 Prediction Of Stream Flow Using Least Square Support Vector Regression, CCERP- 2012, Manipal Institute of Technology, India, April 2012
3 Stream Flow Forecasting Using Neuro-Wavelet Technique, National Workshop on Wavelets, Multiresolution and Multifractal in Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences-Current Trends, IIT Bombay, February 2012