Coding Forum

About Coding Forum

VIIT Coding Forum aims to learn ,share and develop latest and advanced computer related software and software technologies in the forum. The forum introduces the memebers to international coding standards and help them to develop and improve their technnical and employability skills. The forum encourages the members to participate in various technical events and hackathons on diifferent levels.


  • To improve Placement records and make students industry ready.
  • To conduct Hackathons for improving coding capability.
  • Participation on competitive events like Code-chef ,Hacker-earth,Hacker-rank
  • To learn new technologies.
  • Peers to peers knowledge sharing.

The Following Criteria will be used to measure Outcomes.
1. Active participation in Events/Workshops/hackathons .
2. Innovative Solutions Developed / Projects Completed.
3. Technologies learned.

Following are the events Conducted

AY 2017-18

  • Guest lecture on Best Coding Pratices conducted for students of computer and IT department by Yogeshwar Shukla  Report of Workshop
  • Coding Competition for Second Year Students.
  • Initiation/Plannig/Session on " Interview " for third Year students by placed students.

AY 2018-19

  •  Five days’ workshop is organised on “ GitHub-CodeGym” by Mr. Kedar Deo , Deutsche Bank.
  •  Guest lecture is organized on "Coding Pratices in industry" and " version control " by Mr. Rajesh Kulkarni and Chintamani Chhatri from Infosys Pune. Report of Workshop
  • Q & A with Devendra Naik(COEP-Hackathon Winner).

AY 2019-20

  • Hackathon is conducted in Association with GSE-RED.
  • Mr. Rohit Shah of GSE-RED has conducted a session on "Intership opportunities".
  • Conducted Weekend challenges for students by Hacker-earth ,Hacker-rank and Code-Chef.
  • Mentoring session by Deven Joshi and Team (Smart India Hackathon Winner)