The campus is connected i.e. all labs are connected to a centralized server and all buildings are connected through fiber optic cable. Hence in all building all labs are on LAN and have internet connectivity.

Sr. No.Laboratory NameLab In chargeCost of the Laboratory
1 Computer and Microprocessor Lab Mrs. R. G. Purandare 1836045
2 Computer and Digital Signal Processing Lab Mr. P. G. Gawande 3541069
3 Communication Lab Mr. S. S. Joshi 5981897
4 VLSI Lab Mrs. S. Y. Desai 453777
5 Research Laboratory Mrs. G. V. Ghule 1347960
6 Power Lab Mrs. V. N. Aher 2926767
7 Digital Electronics Lab Mr. Y. H. Dandawate 765340
8 Mechatronics Lab Mr. G. H. Chavan 2341095
9 Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab Mrs. R. A. Chavan 1751872
10 PG Laboratory Mr. R. S. Pol 1004953
11 Biomedical Lab Mrs. S. K. Habbu 1252166
12 Analog Integrated Circuit Lab Mrs. A. K. Ratnaparkhi 1265358
Total Cost: 24468299

Industry Attached/ Sponsored/ Donated Laboratory: