Faculty Competency Domains

Faculty Competency Domains
Sr. No.Objectives of Faculty Mentoring Program
1 To motivate faculty members to do research and consultancy work.
2 To guide junior faculty members so as to improve the effectiveness of content delivery.
3 To train junior faculty members in execution aspects of department and institute procedures, be it academic or administrative.
4 To help them in their career growth.
Sr. No. MentorThurst Research Area Team Member
1Mrs. R. G. PurandareCommunication
Mr. Kashyap Ramkrishnan
Mr. M. S. Patil
Mrs. P. D. Deshpande
Mrs. S. P. Botkar
Mrs. J. N. Joshi
Mr. A. W. Ingle
Mrs. R. S. Sonagi
Mr. S. S. Joshi
Ms. S. R. Dhabre
Mrs. S. H. Bhagwat
Mrs. A. B. Barbadekar
2 Mr. R. S. Talware

Biomedical Signal Processing and Soft Computing and Analog Circuit Design

Mrs. A. K. Ratnaparkhi
Mrs. S. K. Habbu
Mrs. S. H. Bhagwat
Mrs. M. S. Deshmukh
Mr. V. B. Ambhore
Ms. D. S. Joshi
Mrs K. A. Kumbhar
3Dr. Y. H. DandawateImage and Signal Processing Mrs. A. V. Bang
Mr. R. S. Talware
Mr. A. V. Chitre
Mr. T. R. Jadhav
Mr. P. G. Gawande
Mrs. G. V. Ghule
Mrs. P. D. Deshpande
Mr. G. H. Chavhan
Mrs. R. A. Chavan
Mrs. A. P. Navghane
Mr. M. S. Patil
Mrs. K. P. Kshirsagar
Mrs. D. P. Pandit
4Mr. K. J. RautVLSI Mrs. S. K. Habbu
Mrs. S. Y. Desai
Ms. A. A. Kulkarni
Mrs. J. R. Jankar
Mr. P. K. Mathurkar
5Mr. V. M. AranakePower Electronics Mrs. V. N. Aher
Mrs. P. P. Kulkarni
Mr. S. S. Chippalkatti
Mrs. N. A. Bakshi
6Mr. S. V. KulkarniEmbedded Dr. Y. H. Dandawate
Mr. R. S. Pol
Mr. P. G. Gawande
Mr. G. H. Chavan
Mrs. D. P. Pandit

Through Faculty Mentoring Program:

  • It is recommended that students (BE/ ME/ PhD) should be involved in technical discussions.

  • Mentors can delegate the responsibility of maintaining a log book of the activities to a junior faculty or a student.