STTP/ Workshop/ Training Activities - 2017-18


STTP/ Workshop/ Training Activities - 2017-18

Sr. No.

Name of the FacultyName of the STTP/ Workshop

Duration and


Organized byRole
1 Mr. Ramkrishnan B. Kashyap Indian Antenna Week 2017 5th-9th June 2017  Defense Institute of Advanced Technology Participant
2 Dr. S. V. Kulkarni
FDP on foundation program in ICT for Education​ Aug 3rd to Sept 7th 2017      IIT, Mumbai Participant  
3 Mr. P. K. Mathurkar
4 Mr. A. W. Ingle
5 Dr. R. S. Talware
FDP on TE(E&TC/Elex) revised syllabus  of “Mechatronics” 23rd to 24th June 2017   AISSMS IOIT& SPPU Pune Resource
6 Mr. V. M. Aranke
7 Mrs. V. N. Aher
  FDP on TE(E&TC/Elex) revised syllabus  of “Mechatronics” 23rd to 24th June 2017   AISSMS IOIT& SPPU Pune Participant
8 Mrs. K. A. Kumbhar
9 Mr. G. H. Chavan
FDP on TE(E&TC/Elex) revised syllabus  of “ESD”  23rd to 24th June 2017   RMD Sinhgad school of Engineering And SPPU Pune   Participant
10 Mr. V. B. Ambhore
11 Mrs. V. N. Aher Workshop on “Machine Learning algorithm on Rasberry Pi 3”  27th -29th Sept 2017  VIIT and FinEx Equipment Pvt.Ltd.  Participant
12 Mrs. K. A. Kumbhar NPTEL workshop on IOT  15 July to 26 Sept 2017  IIT, Madras  Participant
13 Mrs. D. P. Pandit
14 Mrs. K. A. Kumbhar Faculty orientation workshop on Mechatronics TE E&TC 2015 Course 23th  and 24th June 2017 AISSMS IOIT and SPPU Participant
15 Dr. K. P. Kshirsagar NPTEL workshop on control Engineering July-Oct 2017 IIT Madras Participant
16 Ms. D. S. Joshi NPTEL workshop on IOIT July-Oct 2017 IIT Kharagpur Participant
17 Dr. Y. H. Dandawate An Academia Industry Collaboration 22nd August 2017 TCS Participant
18 Mr. A. V. Chitre
19 Mrs. P. D. Deshpande First Year Induction program on Soft Skill Aug 2017     VIIT, Pune Resource
20 Mrs. A. K. Ratnaparkhi
21 Mrs. G. V. Ghule
22 Mrs. S. H. Habbu
23  Mrs. A. V. Bang Two day workshop on  IOT 25th -26th Sept 2017       VIIT, Pune       Participant
24   Mrs. P. D. Deshpande
25  Mrs. S. H. Habbu
26  Mrs. S. Y. Desai
27  Mrs. A. K. Ratnaparkhi
28  Mr. P. K. Mathurkar
 29  Mrs. A. K. Ratnaparkhi Workshop on Industry Insight 15th Sept 2017    IEEE pune section    Participant
 30  Mrs. S. P. Botkar
 31  Mrs. D. P. Pandit
 32  Dr. K. P. Kshirsagar Workshop on Bloom’s Taxonomy 11th to 12th  Dec 2017       VIIT, Pune       Participant
 33  Mr. A. V. Chitre
 34  Mr. P. K. Mathurkar
 35   Mrs. P. D. Deshpande
 36  Mrs. R. A. Chavan
 37  Mrs. S. P. Botkar
 38  Mrs. K. A. Kumbhar
 39 Mrs. S. Y. Desai 
 40  Mrs. G. V. Ghule
 41  Dr. T. R. Jadhav
 42  Mrs. R. S. Sonagi
 43  Mrs. J. N. Jankar
 44  Mrs. V. N. Aher
 45  Ms. D. S. Joshi
 46  Mr. G. H. Chavhan
 47  Mr. M. S. Patil
 48  Dr. Y. H. Dandawate Workshop on Information and communication Technology(ICTTools) 13th to 14th  Dec 2017        VIIT, Pune        Participant
 49  Dr. K. P. Kshirsagar
 50 Dr. T. R. Jadhav 
51  Mrs. P. D. Deshpande
52  Mrs. R. S. Sonagi
53  Mrs. S. P. Botkar
54  Mrs. A. P. Navghane
55  Dr. S. V. Kulkarni Faculty Orientation Workshop on Advance Processor TE E&TC 2015 Course 14th – 16th Dec 2017   Resource and  Participant
56  Mrs. V. N. Aher Faculty Orientation Workshop on Power Electronics TE E&TC 2015 Course 14th–16th Dec 2017  AISSMSIOIT And SPPU  Participant
57  Mrs. S. R. Dhabare Faculty Orientation Workshop on  Business Management TE E&TC 2015 Course 14th -15th Dec 2017  RMD sinhgad Warje and SPPU  Participant
58  Ms. D. S. Joshi Faculty Orientation Workshop on SPOS TE E&TC 2015 Course 14th -16th Dec 2017  PCCOE and SPPU  Participant
59  Dr. Y. H. Dandawate Guest lecture on “Motion estimation for video compression and video coding” 31st OCT 2017  MESCOE , Pune  Resource
 60  Dr. Y. H. Dandawate  Key note lecture during FDP , “ Image processing and pattern recognition application with hands on” 27th Nov 2017  COEP, Pune  Resource
 61  Dr. Y. H. Dandawate State level workshop “ Research proposal, paper, IPR, and Patent Drafting”presenting “how to write a research proposal”  8th -9th Dec 2017  PCCOE, Pune  Resource
 62  Dr. Y. H. Dandawate FDP on “ Image processing advanced & Research challenges” 11th Dec 2017  SCOE, Pune Resource
 63  Dr. Y. H. Dandawate  Workshop on “Deep learning and Image Processing Hand-on” 15th Dec 2017  MIT COE, Pune Resource
64 Mrs. D. P. Pandit Workshop on “Deep learning and Image Processing Hand-on” 15th Dec 2017   MIT COE, Pune Resource
 65  Ms. Jyoti Patil
 66  Dr. S. V. Kulkarni Three days training program for ISO auditors 10th -11th Aug 2017      ISO(9001:2015)  Participant
 67  Dr. T. R. Jadhav
 68  Mrs. S. H. Habbu
 69  Mr. A. V. Chitre
 70  Mrs. R. G. Purandare
71  Mrs. S. H. Habbu NPTEL 15th July to 26th  Oct 2017  

IIT, Kharagpur

 72  Mr. K. J. Raut NPTEL: Analog Circuit and System Through SPICE Simulation 15th July to 26th  Oct 2017  

IIT, Kharagpur

 73 Mr. A. V. Chitre CO-PO Philosophy 14 Nov 2017  SCOE Participant
74 Mr. A. V. Chitre Teaching methodology TE(ITCN) 14-16 Dec 2017 SPPU Participant
  75  Mrs. S. H. Bhagwat Two week AICTE FDP “ Ethics and Moral rules” 5th -18th Dec 2017  Kashibai Navale COE, Pune Participant
76  Mrs. R. A. Chavan Expert Lecture on Electronic Devices & Circuit 29th Sept 2017  G H Raisoni, Pune Resource
77   Mrs. R. A. Chavan NPTEL: Principles of communication 15th Jan to 26th  March 2017  

IIT, Kanpur

78   Mrs. J. N. Jankar FDP on “ Essentials to understand and develop social Entrepreneurship” 28th -29th Nov 2017  Enactus and Infosys Participant
 79  Mrs. R. G. Purandare Training program on “ shielding the radiation of wireless portable device”  11th -23rd Dec 2017   Visit to ETDC, Pune Participant
 80  Mrs. A. K. Ratnaparkhi
 81 Mr. P. G. Gawande Faculty oriented workshop on “Advance processor” 14th -16th Dec 207  MMCOE, Pune Participant
82 Mr. P. G. Gawande Technical  Symposium of Texas Instruments on “ Advanced Processor” 23rd Jan 2018  AISSMS, IOIT and Texas Instruments Participant
 83 Dr. S. V. Kulkarni Workshop on B.E(E&TC) 2015 course revision 31st Jan 2018  Wadia, Pune Participant
84 Dr. S.V. Kulkarni Workshop on ‘Industry 4.0  ---- MCCIA, Pune Participant
85  Dr. K. P. Kshirsagar Two days State level Workshop on “ Writing Research Paper and Patent” 29th -30th Jan 2018     VIIT, Pune and SPPU Participant
86  Mrs. K. A. Kumbhar
87 Mrs. S. P. Botkar 
88  Ms. Jyoti Patil
89 Mr. A. V. Chitre “Recent Trends in Application of Mathematics in Engineering and Sciences” 4-5 Jan 2018 SAE Kondhwa Resource
90 Mrs. S. D. Kardile Faculty Development Program 18th -19th Aug 2017 VIIT, Pune Resource
91 Dr. S. S. Joshi Machine Learning in speech processing 14th -15th July VIIT, Pune Resource
92 Dr. S. S. Joshi Research opportunities in audio signal processing 5th Jan 2018 KKWagh, Nashik Resource
93 Mr. P. G. Gawande MATLAB and simulink Workshop in NCSEEE-18 23rd -24th  Feb 2018 VIIT, Pune Resource
94  Dr. K. P. Kshirsagar 23rd -24th  Feb 2018 VIIT, Pune Resource
95 Ms. Jyoti Patil 23rd -24th  Feb 2018 VIIT, Pune Resource
96 Ms. D. S. Joshi 23rd -24th  Feb 2018 VIIT, Pune Resource