• A college level Science and Technology Exhibition “SciTech18” with the theme "Science & Technology with an interdisciplinary approach" was hosted by Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology.
  • The event saw young enthusiastic participants from different departments of engineering putting up 29 participatory exhibits comprising of innovative working models and investigation based projects.
  • The exhibits by the student were indeed eye openers on various topics related to Green Energy, Innovation in Transport, Communication, Agriculture, Technology, Bio- diversity, Community Health, Environment & Mathematical modelling.
  • With an endeavour to promote scientific attitude among budding young engineers, this exhibition was one of its kind.
  • Various activities like IOT workshop and thesis defence session were conducted to develop the skills of the participant. The faculty of VIIT gave their judgement after inspecting each project on their own merit. Amongst the judges were, Mr M. V. Bakshi, Dr. D. N. Kamble and Mr. S. Pol.
  • The best 3 projects were selected and rewarded, amongst which, a project based on vertical farming secured the 1st prize, 3D printer and gesture control car were the 1st runner ups, followed by automatic watering system for plants as the 2nd runner up.
  • All the participants were presented with certificates, along with an experience of exhibiting their creation.
  • Apart from the participants, 30 students volunteered for the event, including the outreach activity, wherein, VIIT had invited students from higher secondary schools and junior colleges to visit the exhibition.
  • Around 250 students from Vishwakarma school and junior college, Asian junior college and Walawalkar School and Junior college (ranging from 8th to 12th standard) visited the exhibition. They were shown all the projects in the exhibition as well as they were given seminars on "Recent trends in technology and career opportunities from the field of science and technology" and “3D-printing technology”.
  • They applauded the students for their novel ideas which would help the world to become a much better place to live in.
  • Bakshi, Professor, VIIT college, thanked all the participating teams for making this event a success and appreciated their novel projects. He also summed up the true essence of this exhibition by saying “science gives us tools of immense power and as with any other form of power, the misuse is always a possibility. It therefore, becomes incumbent on us to become judicious and use these wonders with utmost care”.
  • In the Valedictory Function, the eminent dignitaries Dr C. S. Garde, Dr  S. Panajkar, Dr V. A. Patil and Dr. Aranke presented the prizes to the winners amongst the participants  of SciTech.
  • SciTech in turn proved to be a learning experience for the school students, as they got a broader perspective of academics in action.
scitech scitech1  
Prof. Dr. Rajendra Kumbhar SPPU is awarding
Third year students explaining their project
Prof. Dr. Rajendra Kumbhar SPPU is awarding
School students attending seminars on "Recent trends in technology and career opportunities from the field of science and technology" and “3D printing technology”.
Second year students attending to the guest’s querries. 3D printer designed and fabricated by 3rd year student: Aditya Garde