Department Profile

Induction program was proposed by AICTE and first implemented in VIIT in AY 2017-18. During the 1st August 2018 to 14th August 2018, different session was conducted for FY B.Tech Students. In Induction program total 15 modules are running simultaneously. The modules are Director address, Project Based Learning/ Exam orientation, Eminent persons sessions, Computer fundamentals,  Human value, Creative art, Art therapy, Literary activity,  Gujarwadi visit, Katraj dairy visit, Sports activity, Student activity,  Library orientation, Student profiling, Campus visit.


Eminent person’s sessions:

This session was designed to improve student awareness and motivate for the field they chosen as their engineering branch. Personalities from industries were invited for the same to share their experience. All the sessions motivated students to start thinking towards the path they need adopt for the next 4 years to achieve their goals. These sessions were conducted by following eminent persons.


Computer fundamentals:

Computer Fundamentals practical and theory sessions were conducted in induction program. The intention behind this activity was to introduce basic knowledge computer hardware before beginning study of computer fundaments subject, because nowadays everyone knows CPU, keyboard, mouse etc. But none of them are aware about internal parts and their significance. Every student uses internet but nobody knows about pit-holes about open source and free software. So, the source code concept enhanced using basic introduction to HTML for web page design.


Human value:

Human values module is one of the most modules which is emphasized in this program. It was decided that this session should be conducted in a form of activities and not in terms of philosophical discussions. As students come up with huge baggage (emotional, experiences, thoughts etc), these activities were planned in such a way that this should trigger students minds towards values and explicitly none of the values will be mentioned.


Creative art:

Creative art sessions were conducted Prof. Jayprakash Jagtap , Prof Ramesh Bhosale, Ms. Prachi Jagtap. Prof.J.Jagtap conducted sketching and drawing sessions for the students of E & TC and IT students.  Prof. R. Bhosale conducted sessions for creating 3-D model keeping in the consideration the concept of graphics for mechanical students and Miss Prachi Deshmukh conducted sessions of calligraphy for computer students.


Art therapy:

Art therapy activity conducted in two parts. In the first half began with ice braking activity to open up the students and get involved into sessions. In that activity students have to introduce themselves in one word which is their personality characteristic followed by their names. Then we have conducted Art therapy to help the students to find out their goal or aim in their life, also help them to find their inner motives. The second part of activity is psychological test. There was a standardize tool Academic self concept test which was helped to diagnosed Anxiety i.e. Find your own anxiety and its level. Second one was Motivation i.e. Find your motivation level and attitude towards study and college environment i.e education.


Literary activity:

In literary activities following topics were covered:

Essay Writing: The intention behind this activity was to develop the way of thinking of the students and to check their grammatical correctness and literary creativity.

Debate: This activity was intended to develop reasoning, research and even public speaking skills of the students.

Extempore: In this activity, the students were called front one by one to express their views on the given topic by the teacher. Time limitation for each student was one minutes and thirty seconds. This activity was intended to remove the public speaking phobia of the students and to encourage them to present effectively.

Role Play: The most interesting activity for the student was role play. The concerned faculty divided the class into small groups of four to five students. They had given freedom to choose the topic that would be expressing social message. All the students of each group performed very well. This activity was intended to enhance students’ communication skill.


Gujarwadi visit:

In Gujarwadi visit introduce awareness regarding NSS in VIIT, Various Activities carried out during the Academic year, Blood donation camp, tree plantation and camp of NSS. 


Katraj dairy visit:

In katraj dairy visit, First students were visited Boiler. There students understood different applications of boiler for Milk processing. Then students visited different chembers of katraj dairy and understood mechanism of different products produced by katraj dairy.


Sports activity:

The motive behind it was to introduction of all the facilities available in college and also available games /equipment’s / Grounds / rule- regulation / Time table of sports etc. The various activity like:

  1. Rhythmic Exercises (Warm-up)
  2. Yoga
  3. Indoor Games
  4. Outdoor games
  5. Physical medical Cheque up
  6. BMI Test was conducted during this program


Student activity:

In this activity student introduces NSS, Entrepreneurship Development cell, Supra, Robocon, SciTech and Avishkar.


Library orientation:

Purpose of the program was to develop the awareness among newly joined students about the Library and Library Resources.

The points covered in the Orientation -

  1. The available Library Resources and Library Services
  2. How to access Resources and Services
  3. How to find information need
  4. How to access required information from Library
  5. While accessing information what Rules are to be followed
  6. Various Schemes for students


Campus visit:

The purpose of the campus visit activity was to familiarize the fresher students to the Institute campus by actually taking them to different locations in the campus and to make them aware about different co-curricular and extracurricular activities in the campus. Student are visited to HOD Cabins of all departments in VIIT, Laboratories of different subjects e.g. chemistry, physics, electrical etc. , Classrooms, tutorial rooms, drawing room, Seminar Hall, Work shop, Student section, account section, exam section, sport room, Internet lab, virtual lab, College canteen.