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Title: "Use  of  Mathematics  in Industry"

Duration: Thursday -  03 / 01 / 2019   to  Saturday -  05 / 01 / 2019


  1. Dr. (Mrs.) V. A. Patil
  2. Dr. R. S. Acharya

Conducted By: Department of Engineering & Applied Science, V.I.I.T., Pune

The  Workshop  was  inaugurated  at the hands of  Prof.(Dr.) M.Y.Gokhale, Head of  E&AS Department, MIT, Kothrud, Pune.

Resource Persons:

  1. Dr. A. S. Abhyankar  - Head, Department of Technology, SPPU, Pune.
  2. Dr. Amit Salvi - Senior Scientist, M.S. Aerospace, Mechanical, TCS (R&D), Pune.
  3. Mr. Kiran Jadhav - Chairman & MD, Kiran  Jadhav & Associates, Pune.
  4. Dr. Nagesh Kini - Principal Scientist, Thermax Limited, Pune. 
  5. Mr. Avinash Pawar  -  CATIA, R&D Development, Geometric Software, Pune.

The  session 1  for  Thursday – 03/01/2019:

The  first  session  was  conducted  by Dr. A. S. Abhyankar (Keynote Speaker). Dr. A. S. Abhyankar   delivered  an  extensive  and excellent lecture  on    “Kernel Evolution”. He spoke about Machine learning, Data Analytics, Hebb Model, Perception Convergence Theorem, Classical problem in Image processing. He captivated the audience by citing some real life examples, some case studies and some research problems.

The  session 2  for  Thursday – 03/01/2019:

The  second  session  was  conducted  by  Mr. Kiran Jadhav. He delivered an excellent lecture on “Mathematics in the Stock Market”. He spoke about Fibonacci retracements, put-call ratio, price volume, power of compounding.

Industrial Tour on Friday – 04/01/2019:

The  participants  were  taken  on  a  field  visit  to Mercedez Benz Cars, Chakan, Pune. We  were  firstly  shown  a  documentary  on  “Mercedez Benz Cars” in the Centre of Excellence. Afterwards  we  were  taken  for a shop floor tour. The  highlight  of  the  tour  was  the “SUV experience”.

The  session 1  for Saturday – 05/01/2019:

The  first  session  was  conducted  by  Dr. Nagesh Kini. Dr. Nagesh Kini  gave an excellent lecture on “Mathematics in Engineering – some real life examples”.  He kindled interest in the audience by citing day to day examples right from the kitchen.

The  session 2  for Saturday – 05/01/2019:

The second   session  was  conducted  by  Mr. Avinash Pawar. Mr. Avinash Pawar  gave  an  excellent  presentation  on   “Geometric Modeling”. He spoke about cubic equations-C2 continuous curves, types of curves, Nurbs, Types of surfaces, constructive Geometric Model.

The  session 1  for Saturday – 05/01/2019:

The  Valedictory  function  was  held  after  lunchtea. The  certificates were given by Dr. R. S. Acharya and Dr. (Mrs.) V. A. Patil.