Manufacturing practical from different Engineering work-trades like Welding, Fitting, Smithy, Plastic Injection Molding, Carpentry, Pattern Making, Machining etc., are conducted in this department for the students of various disciplines. All the students of first year engineering (F.E.) irrespective of their disciplines and students from Mechanical stream, second year engineering (S.E.) onwards perform their practical in this department.

During Workshop Practical, students are given enough knowledge about the different machines, hand tools, measuring instruments and the different processes which are commonly used to shape and size the work piece. Technical staff of workshop is helping the students throughout the year besides the academic work with great interest for preparing the working models; supporting devices for different technical and cultural events, project work etc.

Workshop provides facilities, like Industrial Lathe, milling machine, Radial type of drilling machine and Computer Numerical Control (C.N.C.) machine. Department conducts various machining demonstrations by which students get ample information on different materials in engineering practices with respect to their workability, formability and machinability with hand tools and power tools and to develop skills through hands on experience.


Mr. B. S. Rathod, Assistant Professor

Workshop Incharge

List of Laboratories available with list of major equipments
Sr.No.Students LevelName of the LaboratoryMajor Equipments
1 FE-( All Branches ) Fitting,Carpentry and Welding Shops Fitting & Carpentry Vices, Welding Transformer and Black Smithy Furnaces.
2 S.E. & T.E. Mechanical Engg.
Machine Shop
Machines (Conventional Lathe, CNC  Lathe, Milling, Drilling, Power Hack saw, etc)
List of major Equipments
1 CNC Lathe Machine (SimpleTurn-5075, Siemens-802C control )
2 Light duty Lathe Machine  (Anil Brand, Model No.5, 4’6” Bed)
3 Heavy duty All Geared Lathe Machine  (Anill Brand Model Y2K 33)
4 Universal Milling Machine (Everest Brand, No.2, Table size 1050 x 250mm)
5 Radial Drilling machine (Prashant Brand, Drilling capacity 38 mm)
6 Fly Press m/c   (Lovely Brand )
7 Bench Grinder  (Elamk - 2HP, 12” Wheel)
8 Wood Turning Lathe Machine (Jai Brand- 4’ Bed)
9 Bench Drilling Machine    (KMP Brand- Drilling capacity 19 mm)
10 Arc Welding Transformer (Weldarc- 300A, 3 Phase)
 11 Cut off Machine  (Dewalt-14” Wheel) and Angle grinder  (Dewalt- 4” Wheel)
12 Smiths Open Hearth  (Air Blower 3 HP Motor)
13 Plastic Molding Machine (Remco-3/4”, 20 gm) with Molding Die. 
14 Hand Shearing Machine  (Samrat - 6”)
15 Pipe bending Machine  (Star Brand - 2”)
16 Power Hack Saw M/c  (Jaswant make  -7”)
17 Portable wood cutting m/c (Electrolux - 4”)
18 Portable Drilling m/c  (KPT-10 mm and Hitachi-12 mm, each)
19 Surface Roughness Tester  (Taylor Habson UK Make Surtonnics DUO) 
20 Camera (5 Megafixel Digital color Live Image with high resolution)
21 Lathe Tool Dynamometer (3-component) with with LCD Display
22 LCD Projector  (Sony VPL EX7 ) & Laptop (Dell AVN-1014 series)
23 Measuring instruments: Vernier caliper (6”), Micrometer (0 – 25 mm), Vernier Height Gauge (12”), Depth Micrometer (0 – 100 mm), Surface plate  (2’x 2’ ) and Angle plate (6”x 5”x 4”)
24 Gear cutter (Addision - 1.5M, No. 06, 17 - 21teeth, 1”bore )
25 Tools: Side & face milling cutters, End mill cutters & collets, Concave & Convex milling cutters, Single angle & Double angle milling cutters, H.S.S. Drill set, Ring and Box spanner set.        
Conventional Lathe Machine
Arc Welding practice
Milling Machine
CNC Lathe Machine
Fitting Practice
Conventional Lathe Machine
Drilling practice