Center of Excellence in Research and Development (CERD)

Center of Excellence in Research and Development (CERD) formulated to promote R&D activities.

Intellectual merits of CERD - Developing a new class of high resolution analysis techniques in respective fields, developing new technologies for rapid deployment in real applications.

Dr. Dinesh Kamble
Incharge Research and Development Cell

Gaining more vitality and acceptance in academic sectors
Allows one to think out of the box
It’s all about defying the convention
Research carries huge futuristic scope
Quality concern in research necessary
A common platform for R&D activities required
Research culture desired to be developed
Hence Center of Excellence in R&D (CERD)!!!
CERD objectives
To create a pool of researchers in the field of applied innovations
To serves as a stepping stone for the researchers
To guide research teams and help maintain the quality through research panel
The center tries and foster research as a field of interest across the institute
To increase the knowledge base of faculty leading to overall development of institute
Involvement of Eminent researchers/experts from various fields in the research activity to enhance quality
The key focus of CERD is to promote research activities at institutional level, professionally
R & D Initiative
The institute has a well drafted faculty development policy under which faculty members of the institute are sponsored to present their research papers in India or abroad, as well as attend STTPs, Workshops to update and enhance their teaching and technical skills
The institute provides seed money to the faculty members to implement their research ideas in initial stages
Broader impacts of CERD
Advancing theoretical understanding, thus impacting numerous fields of science and technology
Developing interactive web-based course material for courses that will be introduced at the host institution and will be disseminated publicly for use by other schools,
Helping to put the applied innovations in the mainstream of R&D through development and wide dissemination of database/software modules
Leveraging research to undergraduate/graduate education through planned experiential learning activities in currently offered course
Education of highly qualified students on the post-graduate level (Ph.D. and Master’s) attracting talented undergraduate students, to graduate studies in engineering
Fostering interest in engineering and science among high school students (e.g. creating a techno museum)
Increasing cross-disciplinary interaction between engineering and other disciplines