Industry Interaction Cell...

Interaction with 145 Industries including Corporate, Govt., Semi Govt., and private Industries.
Consistent  growth and repeat  Placements in above Industries.
Faculty Training and student vacation training by various industries.
Industry sponsored students projects.
Guest lectures for students by experts from various industry.
Consultancy Projects for the Industry.
Training to the Industry persons by faculty.
Faculty with strong industrial experience.
Technology Development Expertise available in different areas, like DSP and Image processing and analysis, Electronic Instrumentation Automation and Robotics and Power Electronics and Renewable Energy Cloud Computing, Data mining and storage, Material science, ANN based Water management systems, and Machine tool Design.
Consultancy and other projects in progress in Power and energy research lab.
Industry advisory board for each department.
MOU/NDA with various industries.
Participation of more than 100 industries in HR meet every year.
Off campus placement through departmental efforts.
Patent filed for a new industrial product for farmers.
Industrial Projects In Progress
Measurement of Plating Thickness of conductive and Non conductive coatings on Ferrous and Non Ferrous base metal parts with a Single Probe.
Development of  High Frequency High Power Inverter for Industrial Applications  of Ultrasonic Cleaning,Induction Heating and  Electronic De-scalar for Water purification.
Hot Swappable  Redundant Power Supply.
Composite Power Supply
Solar powered Battery Charger with MPPT Algorithm.
Data Acquisition, Monitoring and Control of Multiple Solar PV Panel Array for High Power applications.
High Efficiency DC-DC Converter for PC to power directly  from Solar PV Panel and floating Battery.
Micro-stepping Stepper Motor Drive for R.F. sensing probe in Linear Accelerator
Sensorless Brushless  DC Motor Drive.