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The main aim of the Administrative Department of V.I.I.T. is to provide satisfactory service to the external customers i.e. the students and parents and the internal customers that is the staff of V.I.I.T.

Administrative Department is functionally divided into four sections, namely Establishment, Accounts, Students and Examination Section.

Mrs. Vanita Kulkarni, In Charge Establishment Section
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1. Establishments Section : It handles matters like
1 Planning & execution of visits of various expert committees. 
2 Approvals to affiliation from AICTE, New Delhi, S.P.P.U. Pune, DTE, Mumbai etc.
3 Staff recruitment, promotions and retirements. 
4 Maintaining staff service records.
5 Maintaining staff leave records.
6 Teacher’sapprovals from SPPU.
7 Documenting proceedings of meetings of committees viz. GB, LMC, Ladies Grievance Committee, RTI, etc.
8 Inwards&Outward of documents.

Mr. Prakash Pise, Accounts Officer.
Tel. No. : 020-26950210
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2. Accounts Section : Centralized Finance & Accounts Unit
Accounts Staff
1 Shri. Prakash Pise
2 Shri. Tushar Gijare
3 Mrs. Jyostna Deshpande
4 Shri. Suresh Phadke
5 Shri. Hanumant Sawant
6 Mr. Ganesh Gavali
Accounts department is engaged in providing following services pertaining to
A) Students Related
1 Collection of Fees - Regular students, Newly admitted students.
2 Refund of Fee - As per rules of DTE brochures.
3 Scholarship / Freeship / Fees Waiver / Stipend etc.
4 Issue of fees certificate, duplicate fee receipts and fees structures for availing educational loan from bank.
5 Students Activities - Perception, Blood donation, Robocon, Robotics, Students IEEE branch, SAE Baja & other activities./
6 Payment under earn & learn scheme.
B) Staff Related
1 Preparation of Pay Bill every month.
2 Payment of TDS, Provident Fund, Professional Tax to government authorities etc.
3 Gratuity - Renewal of policy, claim settlement, updation of data of new staff members and deletion if any for left staff members.
4 Payment of Employees Welfare Fund, Staff LIC scheme renewal premium.
5 Research Project Grants i.e. BCUD Pune, DST, ISRO - verification, utilization certificate, audit etc.
6 Vishwakarma Credit Co-op Society - contribution deduction from salary and payment to credit society as per the requirement.
7 Settlement of claim and transfer claims of P. F.
Accounts activities
1 Maintenance of Accounts.
2 All Centralized / Institutional transitions.
Banking transactions.
4 Petty cash advance & settlement of advance, maintained daily petty cash register.
5 Internal & Statutory Audit, Compliances of audit queries, Finalization of accounts.
6 Preparation & approval of final statement and Audit report.
Preparation of Budget, Budget allocation and Cash flow statement etc.
8 Submission of fees proposal to Hon'ble Chairman / Secretory, fees regulating authority, M.S. Mumbai 400 051.
9 Implementation of fees as per Shikshan Shulka Samiti.
Institutional Work
  1. Hostel related work.
  2. Fulfillment of statutory requirement of government authorities.
    1. Payment of Provident Fund - Monthly & Yearly Returns.
    2. Payment of Service Tax - Monthly payment submission and returns.
    3. Income Tax - Tax deducted from salary and e-payment (Internet net banking), e-submission quarterly returns & yearly returns.
    4. Preparation & issue of Form No. 16 within scheduled time limit.
    5. E-submission of TDS contractor quarterly returns & yearly returns.
    6. Work related to exam finance
      1. Payment to exam remuneration to internal and external faculty.
      2. Verification of bills finalization & preparation of utilization certificate.
      3. Submission of audited report to SPPU (as per their requirement).

 Mr. Mahesh Panchpore, In Charge Student Section
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3. Students Section : It handles matters like
1 Maintainingstudent Roll Call.
2 Student admissions.
Student Scholarships / Freeships approvals.
4 Medical check-up of admitted students.
5 Merit list approval from DTE.


4. Examination Section : It handles matters like
1 Conduction of all phases of online exams of SPPune University (SPPU).
2 Conduction of all in-semester off-line exams of SPPU.
Conduction of all end-semester offline exams of SPPU.
4 Coordination of internal paper-setting mechanism for M.E.
5 Maintaining exam results and analysis. 

Tel: 020-26950200/400, Fax: 020-26950450