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Sports Department in V.I.I.T. operates with following objects which are well-supported by the V.I.I.T. Management.

Registration Forms

  1. Selection Trial Form. (2019-20)
  2. Student Sports Council Registration Form. (2019-20)
  3. Students Earn & Learn Scheme (Only for Sports Department) (2019-20)
  4. Annual Sports Registration form (registration is compulsory)

Physical Fitness not only adds years to life but also life to years.” Today’s era is known as the scientific era. The world today is worked by developing technologies because of which the world is increasingly getting busy and hectic by nature creates major problems to living beings. The man has to do the daily activities quickly, efficiently and in the given time. Physical work is taken over by machines like computers, automobiles, home appliances and many other small or big machines. The life has become very fast. There is continuous scientific development in the world today and man has adapted himself to such a handicapped life. For every work, either he has an alternative or a machine to work for.

But due to these he is unaware of the consequences he has to face in the near future. After due time he is unable to do the same activities with the same abilities and interest. The overall fitness and normal life span of the humans is decreasing day by day. For doing activities one has to be physically, emotionally, psychologically and mentally fit. Here is where physical training plays an important role in everyday life.

“Sound mind in sound body” is very popular slogan, which reflects body and mind relationship. Sound mind means psychologically well and mentally healthy, whereas sound body means organically efficient and physically fit.

Physical training like jogging, running, cycling, swimming, yoga will help one to keep his mental and physical well being.

“Physical fitness is not an asset which can be purchased, but has to be developed through extensive devotion to physical activity.” 

                                                                                                      Mr. Namdev V. Phatangare
                                                                                                      M.Ed, SET(Phy.Edu.)
                                                                                                      Director of Physical Education

                                                                                          Sports Winner Students 2019-20.  


                            100M Breaststroke -1- Gold and 7 Silver medal win in 50M Butterfly, Medley relay                                               


                                                         facilities libraryfacilities library

                                                       MIT Summit National - Runner up CHESS Team- 2019-20

                                    facilities libraryDSC_1770.JPG

      Mr. Shubham Gite - 2nd Place in Nandu marathe and PCZSC Intercollegiate Body Building Tournament 2019-20 at got selected at Zonal Level

                                       DSC_1770.JPGfacilities library

                                      DSC_1770.JPGfacilities library

                                 Ms. Komal Dharwatkar (SE- E & TC) SPPU - Runner up Team in West Zone Kho- Kho Tournament 2019-20