Dr. Rajendra Talware

Member since: Friday, 16 March 2018
Last Visit: Saturday, 28 April 2018
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Dr. Rajendra
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E & TC
Date of Joining
9 October 2006
Academic Qualifications
PhD from Pune University M.E. in E&TC(Instrumentation) from COEP, University of Pune B.E. E&TC from North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon
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Professional Experience
Industry Experience: 07 Years
Teaching Experience: 14 Years
Area of Interest

Pattern Recognition, Instrumentation

Research Interest
Pattern Recognition
Technical Skills
PLCs: Siemens S5 series, Allen Bradly SLCs, Messung Systems.
Instrumentation: Weighing and automation Systems, Filling machines.
RDBMS: Oracle (Version 7 thro' 8i)
GUI: Developer 2000, Visual Basic 6.0
Electronics: Electronics Design, Electronics System Design,Power Electronics
Signal Processing: Digital Signal Processing, Digital Image Processing, Artificial Neural Networks
Computers: System Analysis & Design, DBMS, and Information Tech
Identification and classification of cancer by Image processing and ANN methods AY 2010-11
Comparison of Classification of Algorithms for cancer cells AY 2012-13
Classroom Power management AY 2009-10
Load cell based weigh bridge with network support AY 2012-13
Professional Contribution
Life Member ISTE
Member - Institution of Engineers, India
Chartered Engineer - Institution of Engineers, India
PhD Work

Design and Integration of evolutionary methdologies for non modular pathological screening. Registered at University of Pune

Design and integration of evolutionary methodologies for pathological screening
Indian Patent:01 : Filed
Online Test Series for CET aspirant students
Reviewer Assignments
IEEE national conference at Pune 2014
IEEE Confwerence at Cummins College of Engg, Pune
Funded Research Projects
Modelling and verification of Chips using Spice model, Project from BCUD, Pune, Year 2009-2011, Amount Rs. 2,00,000.
Design and Integration of Temporal and Evolutionary Methodologies for Non-Modular High Content Screening, Project from BCUD, Pune year 2010-2012, Amount Rs. 75,000
Study of Avion behaviour through bio-acoustics Year 2013-15 Amount Rs. 150000
Consultancy Projects
Product Development Consultancy for Density Determination for YU Technology, Sangali. Cost: Rs. 57,000 /-
Product Development Consultancy for Prime Technology, Pune For In motion Check Weigher Cost Rs. 25,000
Books Published
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Country Visited
Singapore for International Conference
Invited Talks
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Worked as Officer on Special Duty, Examination Section, University of Pune, Pune during March 2013 to Sep. 2014

Papers published in Journals
1 Ultra-Low Power Quasi-Adiabatic Inverter, International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research & Applications, presented in ICVCom 09
2 Optimization of VCD formats for testbench reuse in design of ASIC tester, Journal of research, IETE, India Year : 2008, Volume : 54, Issue : 1,Page : 13-21
Papers presented/published in International Conferences (abroad)
1 One Time Biometric Transform to Secure Biometric Templates, at IEEE sponsored IACSIT, Singapore, Feb. 2010
2 Towards designing a spatio-temporal neural network for Non-modular high content pathological screening, at IEEE sponsored IACSIT, Singapore, Feb 2010
Papers presented/published in International Conferences (India)
1 Stress Analysis for Sky bus Project, at IMAE 2005 by IEEE Bombay Section at Le Meridian Pune.
Papers presented/published in National Conferences/ seminars / symposia
1 Towards designing a spatio-temporal neural network for histo-pathological data at IEEE national conference, YASHDA, Pune 2009
2 Cancer Cell Detection and Classification using Transformation Invariant Template Learning Methods, IEEE national conference at COEP MVIP 2011
3 Quality Certification through ISO 9001-2000 at NITTE, Karnataka, 2004