Fatima M. Inamdar

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Fatima M.
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Information Technology
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2 January 2008
Assistant Professor
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MTech-Computer Engineering
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1. Got a Special Award for Copyright published in Yr 18-19.

2. Selected for the title “InSc Research Excellence Award”. This selection is purely the decision of reviewers based on my profile and quality of work.

3. Presented appriciation & award for my incredible skills & talent by SAW association as " ORANGE CITY AWARDS 2021"


Date of Birth
Professional Profile/ Research Profile
NPTEL - 1.“ Joy of Computing Using Python” ,2. “ Introduction to Machine Learning” ,3."Developing Soft Skill & Personality",4."Introduction To Research”,5.“Algorithms for Big Data”. 6.Macine Learning & Data Science Hands-On with python & R
Professional Experience

1. Assistant Prof. in Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology, Pune.From 2-1-2008 Till date

2. Lecturer in Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil College Enggineering Satara  From 30-6-2005 To 30-7-2007

Area of Interest

1. Data Mining

2. AI - Machine Learning,Deep Learning

3. Software Development (Using Software Engineering)

4. Data Structures

5. Advanced Programming Languages

6. Web Technology ,Web Mining


Research Interest

1. Predictive Analytics.

2. AI - Machine Learning,Deep Learning

3. AWS Services

Technical Skills

1.Data Structures using C & CPP

2. Advanced Programming Languages-Java ,Android, Python

3 Web Technology - HTML ,Java Script, PHP,JSP, EJB, JSON.

4. Artificial Intiligence - Machine Learning, Deep Learning

5. Data Analytics


Subject Taught List:

1. Data Structures

2. Fundamental of Data Structures.

3. Computer Fundamental

4. Fundamenatl of Programming Languages - I

5.Fundamenatl of Programming Languages - II

6. Software Engineering

7. Web Technology

8. Skill Development using Java & Groovy on Grails Module.

9. Skill Development using Android Module.

10. Computer Fundamentals

11. Computational Science

12. Deep Learning

13. Object Oriented System Design

14. Social Media Analytics

15. IT Workshop I - Java Programming & II - Python Programming





Sponsered Projects :


Project title : BaitFinder
Sponsoring company: AvailabilityFinders LLC
Project Title: State-of-the-Art Sensor Fusion
Sponsoring Company: KPIT Technologies Ltd.
Project Name : Context based mining using Machine Learning
Company Name Mind Nerves
Project Name Automatic Tagging of code mixed Data
Company Felix IT System
5.Eye Tracking to Browse a Web Page sponsor by Tech Mahindra.
6. Fruit Identification & Ripeness Detection Sponsored by Inquisitech Solution 
7. Student Tracking System by Inquisitech Solution
Professional Contribution

1. Worked as Department ERP Coordinator forIT Dept yr 20-21 & 21-22

2. Worked as Subject Chairman for Object oriented System Design .

3. Contributed as a Syllabus settting for OOSD & AI for TY 2020 Pattern.

4. Worked as Departmental website Coordinator fromyr 20-21 in IT Dept.

5.Worked As Lab Incharge in Yr 17-18 & Yr 18-19 in Computer Engineering Dept.

6. Worked as Feedback Coordinator for computer Engineering Dept.

7. Worked As Seminar Coordinator 18-19 in Computer Engineering Dept.

8. Worked as Class Teacher for TE (B) Class in Yr 18-19

9. Worked as Class Teacher for TY-B class in Yr 19-20 Sem -I

10. Worked as Subjct Chairman for Software Engineering subject.

11. Worked as member for following subject : 1. Web Technology   2. Skill Development 

12. Working as Class Teacher for FY-G Class Sem-II in E&As Dept.

13.Worked as member for cultural committee at college level activity.

14.Worked as assisatnt to staff in Sci-Tech.

15. Worked as staff volunteer for Fun & Fair acitivty at college level.

16. worked as staff volunteer for Art & craft activity  at college level.

17. Worked as staff incharge in Prize Distribution at college level.

18. Worked in Perception'18 as staff incharge.

20. Gandharve 16 Worked as member for design & member Logistics committee, Gandharve 17,18,19 worked  as member for Cultural committee at college Level activity

PhD Work

Pursuing PhD from Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed To Be University ) COE.Completed course work with first class. Completed 6 RAC's -Progress Report successfuly. In process of Thesis submission .



1. Australian  Patent Filled for "An adaptive machine tool technique using AI"

2.Australian Filled for " A sensor fusion precision technology in agricultural& its method & controlling parameters"



1) Copyright on “Visitors Management System” with diary No 11301/2018-CO/SW .2) Copyright on "Heart Health Status by Identifying prominent Risk Factor using Data Analytics.3) Copyright on "Optimized Command Virtual Assistant in Python"
Reviewer Assignments
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Funded Research Projects
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Consultancy Projects


Books Published
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Country Visited
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Invited Talks

1. Invited as "Resource Person for "Emerging Trends in Software Engineering" topic in KBP College of Engineering , Satara on 25th Feb 2020

2. Invited as "Resource Person on topic “Introduction to Deep Learning “ in D.Y.Patil College of Engineering Kolhapur on 13th Nov 2021.


Successfully Completed 3 Days FDP on "Deep Learning for Computer Vision " between 12th -14th Aug 2021 at PICT Pune , Organised by Center for Innovative Learning (CIL) . 

Successfully has attended online one week Faculty Development Program on, “Problem based learning : Real time case studies and industry practices” between 9th - 13th February 2021 at Department of Computer Engineering, SIT, Lonavala, Pune. 

Successfully Completed Two Week Online FDP under AQIS 2019-2020 on “Emerging Trends in Deep Learning and Its Applications”Sponsored by AICTE,New Delhi and organized by Department of Computer Engineering & Dr. D. Y. Patil Institute of Technology, Pimpri from 23rd Nov 2020 to 05thDec 2020.

Successfully Completed Six days " Contemporary AI"  from 19th To 24th Oct 2020 in assoociatin with AICTE_IST Conducted by D.Y.Patil College of Engineering Pune.

Successfully Completed Internship in "Matlab" from 1st Sep 2020 to 30th Sep 2020 from  PanTech Solutions

Successfully Completed self paced certification programme in  "Big Data Engineering with Sprk" on 17th Aug 2020 conducted by IIT Roorkee in Association with CloudxLab.

Successfully Completed Webinar on Design, Development & Implementation of Project Methodology “, organized by AISSMS pune on 11th July 2020.

Successfully Completed 2 Days National Level FDP on “Designing & Implementation of Outcome Based Education (OBE) Model”, on 7th & 8th July 2020

Successfully Completed National level E-Quiz on "Brain Teaser” on 26th June 2020 organized by K.J. College of Engineering & Management Research pune.

Successfully Completed National level Online-Quiz on " E-Learning" on 15th June 2020 Organized by P.V.P.P. College of Engineering Mumbai.

Achieved "Certified Virtual Classroom Teacher" by SKILLNET on 13th June 2020.

Successfully Completed Three Days FDP on "Data Science with Python Programming" From Smt. Kasturbai Walchand College (Arts & Science) , Sangli.on 12th June 2020 to 14th June

Successfully Completed National Level Online Quiz on "Outcome Based Education” with passing score 100% on 13th June 2020 Organized by Finolex Academy of Management & Technology.

Successfully attended Webinar on “Patents & Intellectual Property Rights" on 10th June 2020 Organized by RMD Sinhgad School of Engineering Pune.

Successfully Completed Three Days FDP on "Data Science with Python Programming" on 12th June 2020 to 14th June 2020, Organized by Smt. Kasturbai Walchand College (Arts & Science) , Sangli.

Attended the "Python Workshop" on 22nd June 2019 at AISSMS Institute of Information Technology, Pune.

Successfully Completed Three days FDP on "Exploring Research Challenges & Opportunities in Science & Technology”, organized by Lokmanya Tilak College of Engineering, from 27th May 2020 to 29th May 2020.

Successfully Completed online-Quiz on "R Programming" on 28th May 2020, conducted by AISSMS institute of technology, pune.

Successfully completed 5 days “Technology Awareness Program for faculty on Data Science & Analytics” organized by JSPM Narhe from 21st Mat 2020 to 25th May 2020.

Successfully Completed online "Faculty program on NBA" Organized by BVCOE , Navi Mumbai on 21st May 2020.

Successfully completed Online Quiz on "Machine Learning" organized by Department of Information Technology on 20th May 2020.

Successfully completed 7 days FDP on "NAAC Awareness Programme for faculty" ,organized by MMIT, Lohagao,Pune during the period 8th May 2020 to 14th May 2020.

Attended "AWS online Summit” on 13th May 2020.

Participated in one day webinar on "Enhancing Research Effectiveness using Scopus, Science Direct & Mendeley,", by ELSEVIER (Under the Aegis of  PMMMNMTT, MHRD,Gov. of India) on 1-5-2020

"Introduction to web Design & Development", LinkedIn Learning Course Completed, on 14th April 2020.

"Time Management: Working fro Home" LinkedIn Learning Course Completed, on 14th April 2020 organized by NASBA.

"Time Management: Working from Home" LinkedIn Learning Course Completed, on 10th April 2020 organized by PMI Registered Education Provider.

"Body Language for Leaders" LinkedIn Learning Course Completed, on 19th April 2020 .

Professional Member of IFERP- Institute for Engineering Research & Publication from 19th Feb 2020 to 31st Dec 2020.

Participated in 2 days State Level SPPU sponsored FDP on "Data Science in Health Analytics for Swasth Bharat" conducted by VIT , Pune on 17th& 18th Jan 2020.

Participated in “Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities ", with passing score 100% on 6th Jan 2020 Organized by P.E.S. College of Engineering, Aurangabad.

Successfully completed 5 days FDP on "Interdisciplinary Teaching, Problem based Learning: A Paradigm Shift”, from 8th July to 12th July 2019 conducted by VIIT.

Successfully completed “Python Workshop” on 22nd June 2019, at AISSMS Organized by ICT,  IIT Bombay.

Completed the FDP in “Cyber security & Data Science” during 5th march 19 To 11th March 19 hosted by VIIT pune conducted by FDC PMMMNMTT..

Completed two days’ workshop on “Data science: machine Learning & Deep Learning Perspective” during 24th & 25th Feb 2019 at VIT Pune.

Completed FDP on “Data Analytics” held on 21st Dec 18 at VIIT Pune.

Completed FDP on “Block Chain Technology” held on 21st Dec 18 at VIIT Pune.

Participated in two days FDP on “Introduction to R Programming” conducted by ICT academy on 29th & 30th Aug 2018 at BVUCOE.

Organized two days state level workshop on “Future of big data” in association with BCUD SPPU from 9th Feb to 10th Feb 2018 at VIIT Pune

Attended three days workshop on “Developing web application using JSP,Servlet, AJAX Angular JS & Modern fameworks” during 18th – 20th Jan 2018 at PICT Pune.

 Complteted three days FDP on “Web Technology” from 13th Dec to 15th Dec 2017 organized by Dr. D.Y.Patil IEMR pune.

Participated in two days workshop on “Innovative Research in Pedagogy for mini MOOC’s Blended with Instruction Strategies to enhance Quality of Higher Education”
from 21st July To 22nd July 2017 at VIIT Pune.

Participated in five days FDP on “Advanced Java programming & Mobile Application Development” associated with BOS , SPPU from 12th – 16th June 2017 at SIT.

Participated in two days Workshop on “Data Analytics with R Programming” in associated with SPPU from 16th – 17th Jan 2017 at VIIT.

Participated in one days FDP on “Principles of Programming Languages” in association with BOS , SPPU 16th Dec 2016 at MMCOE.

Coordinated the workshop “Android App Development” conducted by Geeks Lab Pvt Ltd in association with AIESEC , IIT Delhi on 7th & 8th Feb 2015

Completed five days FDP on “Customized Soft Skill for Individual Development” conducted by Mechanical Engineering Dept. VIIT, & Infosys Campus connect from 02 to 06 June 2014 at VIIT Pune.

Completed short term training program on “Best Practices in NS2 & OMNet++” during
18th to 22nd Oct 2010 at SKNCOE.

Completed “Essential of functional Testing using IBM Rational Robot & IBM Rational Test Manager” from 13th to 16th April 2009.

Completed “Object Oriented Analysis & Design using UML” with essential of Rational Software Architect from 20th to 23rd April 2009.

Successfully completed the “Mission10X Learning Approach Practitioners Certificate” equivalent to five days development Program from 24th to 25th Feb 2009 at VIIT Pune.

Participated in “Mission10X” workshop from 20th to 24th Oct 2008 at VIIT Pune.

Successfully completed workshop on “High Impact Teaching Skills” attested by Dale Associates, Inc. Trainer & Wipro from 20th to 21st Oct 2008.

Papers published in Journals

1.Eye Tracking to Browse a Web Page-IJECS

2.Recommendation System for user interest & social circle - IJSRRET

3.Unauthorized access point detection for Wi-Fi network using Hybride Approch.-IJERIA

4.Providing data Security for Wi-Fi network using mobile agent in distributed System-IJAET

5. https://ejmcm.com/article_5554.html Scopus indexed

6. Heart Disease prediction model using Resent and LSTM deep learning model. GRADIVA REVIEW – JOURNAL UNDER MULTIDICIPLINARY JOURNAL

7. Data Mining & Machine Learning Approches for identifying Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases in NITCOMIS 2020




Papers presented/published in International Conferences (abroad)
No Information Entered
Papers presented/published in International Conferences (India)

1.Data Mining & Machine Learning Approches for identifying Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases- NITCOMIS-2020

2. Automatic Tagging of Code-mixed Social Media Text -ICATCSIT-19

3. A Review of Data Mining &Machine Learning Approaches for identifying Risk Factor contributing to likelihood of CVD-ICICT-2018

4.VoLP Bluetooth Technology-ICCNS

5.ERP & Web Technology-ICEVD

Papers presented/published in National Conferences/ seminars / symposia
No Information Entered