Dr. Tushar Jadhav

Member since: Wednesday, 07 February 2018
Last Visit: Sunday, 12 June 2022
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Dr. Tushar
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E & TC
Date of Joining
4 June 2007
Associate Professor
Academic Qualifications
Ph.D.(Electronics and Communication Engineering)-2018 , M.E.(Power Electronics)- 1996, B.E.(Electronics)- 1993
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Best Teacher Award in the year 2011-12

Excellent Performance - in the year 2008-09 

Special Appreciation from VIIT management for successful conduction of NBA visits in 2015 & 2018

Excellent Perfomance- 2019

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Professional Profile/ Research Profile
Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD)
Professional Experience

Total teaching Experience : 25 years

Research Experience- 07 years

Area of Interest
Machine Learning ,Deep Learning, Image and Video Processing, Computer Vision, Electronics Devices and Circuits , Integrated Circuits, Power Electronics
Research Interest
Machine Learning,Deep learning, Image and Video Processing and Computer Vision
Technical Skills
LabVIEW Certified Associate Developer (CLAD)
Languages/libraries: Matlab, C,C++,VC++,VB, Python, TensorFlow
Tina TI
Machine Learning,Deep Learning, Image and Video Processing, Computer Vision,Electronics Circuits & Applications ,Linear Integrated Circuits,Electronic Devices and Circuits,Network Theory/Analysis,Power Electronics, Drives and Control, Network Synthesis & Filter Design, Fibre Optic Communication, Digital Electronics, Basic Electronics
Undergraduate Projects Supervised - 48+
PG Projects - 06
Professional Contribution
  • Member, BOS, Information Security Technology, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune
  • Member, BOS, Electronics Engineering, K. J. Somaiya Institute of Engineering and Information Technology, Mumbai
  • Member, BOS, E & TC, VIIT Pune
  • Reviewer for IEEE access journal, Reviewer for European Journal of Remote Sensing, Reviewer for Springer journal- “Mathematical Sciences”, Reviewer for IEEE conferences/ PATW
  • Reviewer and Session chair- IEEE R10 International conference, Dhaka 5-7 June 2020
  • Dean Examination (controller of examination & Evaluation), VIIT since last 2 years
  • Conducting course on Image Pocessing for Mtech students at DOT,SPPU,Pune
PhD Work
Design and Synthesis of Multiple View Volumetric 2D to 3D Reconstruction Technique and Its Application
Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala, India.

Supervisors -   Dr. Kulbir Singh, Prof., ECED, TIET( Thapar Univ.),Patiala.         Dr. Aditya Abhyankar, Prof & Head,Dept of Tech,,SPPU, Pune.


 Patent-02 granted + 01 published
Reviewer Assignments

Reviewer for Springer Mathematical Sciences and European Journal of Remote Sensing (Taylor & Francis)

Reviewer for IEEE ICACCT- 2018,  IEEE R10HTC 2017 Bangladesh, IEEE CASP2016 conference,

IEEE WIECON 2016, PATW-15- Present Around The World- IET event,IEEE Indicon conference

Reviewer for IEEE Access

Reviewer IEEE R10 International conference, Dhaka 5-7 June 2020

Funded Research Projects
1 Design of Homography based Hybrid Mixture Model for 3D reconstruction
Funding Agency - AICTE,New Delhi Amount - Rs. 7,70,000
Co PI,  Project Duration- 2 years Project Status -completed
2 Design of HMM for 3D reconstruction
Funding Agency - BCUD,Pune Amount- Rs. 3,00,000
Co PI,  Project Duration- 2years Status- Completed
3 Design and Integration of Evolutionary Methodologies for Non-Modular High Content Histopathological Screening
Funding Agency - BCUD,Pune Amount- Rs. 75,000
PI, Project Duration- 2 years Status- Completed
4 Modeling & verification of regulator chips using PSpice
Funding Agency - BCUD,Pune Amount- Rs. 2,00,000
Co PI,  Project Duration- 2 years Status- completed
Consultancy Projects


Books Published
Linear Integrated Circuits, Everest Publication House,2007( 6th reprint)
Applied Electronics, Everest Publication House, 2002
Country Visited
Invited Talks
1 Online webinar on Machine Learning in state level webinar series organized by Department of E and TC, Pillai HOC College of Engineering and Technology, Rasayani on 14th May 2020.
2 Expert speaker for one week  'AICTE/ISTE Faculty development Programme on Outcome Based Learning-NBA SAR assessment', organized by Prof. Ram Meghe Institute of Technology & Research, Amravati  5th and 6th December 2019
3 Expert talk on Camera geometry and its calibration in AICTE sponsored 2 weeks FDP on Machine Learning & computer vision at Cummins college of Engg -27th Sept 2019
4 Expert talk on Machine Learning in AICTE sponsored 2 weeks FDP on Machine Learning & computer vision at Cummins college of Engg -16th Sept 2019
5 Expert speaker for one week  'AICTE/ISTE Induction Programme on Outcome Based Learning-Teaching Process', organized by Prof. Ram Meghe College of Engineering & Management Badnera - Amravati  25th April 2018
6 Expert talk on , "Classification in Machine Learning and its Applications" in IEEE student chapter MES's College of Engineering, Wadia campus,Pune 28th February, 2019
7 Expert talk on "Machine Learning" at Cummins college of Engg on 30th Jan 2019
8 Expert talk on "Machine Learning" in 2 days Faculty Development Workshop on IOT & Machine Learning at ISBM School of Tech, Nande, Pune on 27th December 2018
9 Expert talk on "Machine Learning" in SPPU sponsored Faculty Orientation Workshop on Elective –III (Machine Learning) on 21st December 2018
10 Demonstration of functionalities of Digital Storage Oscilloscope in Faculty orientation workshop for subject EMIT organized by SPPU & VIIT at VIIT,Pune 10th June 2016
11 Session on Camera Calibration in State level workshop on Machine Learning and Computer Vision Dept. of E & TC,Modern College of Engg.,Pune 30th Jan 2014
12 Two days university level workshop/training on 'LabVIEW' programming at Dr.J J Magdum College of Engg. Jaysingpur, Dist. Kolhapur 20th and 21th Sept 2013
13 Session on Introduction to LabVIEW- in CEEP on LabVIEW at E &TC,VIIT
14 Expert lecture on Network Analysis at Bharti Vidypeeth's womens college of Engg ,Pune July 12
15 Expert lecture on Network Analysis at E and TC dept. JSCOE, Hadapsar July 2012
16 A course on Digital Image Processing at VCACS(Feb 12- to Apr12)
17 Expert Lecture Series on Network Analysis at IOK, Shikrapur,Pune Mrach 2012
18 Expert lecture on Multivibrators- Design and applications at Bharti Vidypeeth's JNIOT,Pune Feb,2011
19 Session Talk on Advances in Electronics at State level paper presentation competition at Pimpri Chinchwad Poly.Pune 2007
LabVIEW Certified Developer and faculty for the National Instruments-VIIT LabVIEW academy. Conducted 10+ training programs for faculty, industry persons and students
Training programs/workshops organized- 8+
Training programs/workshops attended- 33+

Acquired expertise in NBA related work/OBE while working as Institute NBA coordinator since last 6+ years- Coordinated NBA activities at the institute level.

Handled three NBA committee visits including compliance visit etc.

Actively involved in NAAC and Autonomy related preparations and visits

Certified Internal ISO Auditor
Hoby- Photography, Visiting historical and archological sites, Listening Indian music and Reading books
Papers published in Journals
1 Tushar Jadhav, Kulbir Singh, Aditya Abhyankar,"Volumetric estimation using 3D reconstruction method for grading of fruits", Multimedia Tools and Applications, Springer (2018). https://doi.org/10.1007/s11042-018-6271-3, Pp. 1-22 (SCI Indexed)
2 Tushar Jadhav, Kulbir Singh, Aditya Abhyankar, “Volumetric 3D reconstruction of real objects using voxel mapping approach in multiple-camera environment”, Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences. vol.26, pp.755- 767, 2018.(SCI Indexed)
3 Tushar Jadhav, Kulbir Singh, Aditya Abhyankar, “A review and comparison of multi-view 3D reconstruction methods”, Journal of Engineering Research, (5)3,pp. 50-72, 2017(SCI Indexed)
4 Tushar Jadhav, Kulbir Singh, Aditya Abhyankar, “3D Surface Reconstruction from 2D Multi-view Images using Voxel Mapping”, Research cell: International Journal of Engineering Sciences, 24, pp.74-86,2017
5 Tushar Jadhav, Yogesh Dandwate, Sayali Kadam, “Depth Estimation and Generation of Elevation Model of Land from CARTOSAT-1 Images”, IETE National Journal of Innovation and Research (NJIR), ISSN   2320 – 8961, Volume III, Issue I, June 2015
6 Tushar Jadhav, Manorama Patil and Yogesh H.Dandawate,"Image Compression using Mean Removed and Multistage Vector Quantization in Wavelet Domain, International Journal of Modern Trends in Engineering and Research Volume 2, Issue 7(July 2015) Special Issue of ICRTET 2015,PP-1299-1306 eISSN No. 2349-9745
7 Y.H.Dandawate , P.G.Gawande,T.R.Jadhav and A.V.Chitre,"Quality Analysis of Medical Images Compressed Using Wavelet Based Vector Quantizer",International Journal of Research in science and Technology , Online web based Journal,Vol I Issue 1 Oct2010 pp 9-15 ISSN 2239-5135 www.injorest.org
8 Y.H.Dandawate , T.R.Jadhav, A.V.Chitre and M.A.Joshi,"Neuro-Wavelet based Vector Quantizer design for Image Compression", Indian Journal of Science and Technology(International) Vol.2 No. 10 (Oct 2009) pp 56-61 ISSN: 0974- 6846
9 A Y. Gandole, O.S. Ghatpande ,T .R. Jadhav,"Modeling and Simulation of Ultrasonic System", International Journal of Electronics, Communication & Instrumentation Engineering Research and Development (IJECIERD),Vol. 4-2,PP-81-92, ISSN(Print) : 2249-684X ; ISSN(Online) : 2249-7951
10  Hybrid Feature Based Classifier Performance Evaluation of Monophonic and Polyphonic Indian Classical Instruments Recognition
AV Chitre, KJ Raut, T Jadhav, MS Deshmukh, K Wanjale 2021
Papers presented/published in International Conferences (abroad)
1 Aditya Abhyankar , T.R.Jadhav, Kulbir Singh ,"Depth Estimation through Wavelet Framework ", International Conference on Technology & Business management, Dubai, Vol.18,p-20,March 2013
Papers presented/published in International Conferences (India)
1 P. Kaunchi, T. Jadhav, Y. Dandawate and P. Marathe, "Future Sales Prediction For Indian Products Using Convolutional Neural Network-Long Short Term Memory," IEEE 2021 2nd Global Conference for Advancement in Technology (GCAT), 2021, pp. 1-5, doi: 10.1109/GCAT52182.2021.9587668.
2 T.R.Jadhav,Suhas Pawar,Y.H.Dandwate, "Objective Quality Assessment of Stereo Images using Edge Similarity Measurements on Cyclopean Image", IEEE Conference on Advances in Signal Processing (CASP),India,2016, DOI-978-1-5090-0849-0/16
3 T.R.Jadhav,Samidha Thokare, Riddhi Zaveri, "Quality Enhancement of Compressed Image based on Perceptual Modeling" , IEEE Conference on Advances in Signal Processing (CASP),India,2016, DOI-978-1-5090-0849-0/16
4  Jadhav Tushar, and Aditi Kotibhaskar,"Cloud detection in all sky ConCam images by Gaussian fitting and valley detection in histogram,"Contemporary Computing (IC3), 2015 Eighth International Conference on. IEEE, 2015, Pages:275 -278, DOI: 10.1109/IC3.2015.7346692
5 S.P.Patil, Manisha Jadhav,T.R.Jadhav,"Multipoint Water level Measurement & Detection of Flow direction using Image Processing, ICSIP 2006", International Conference on Signal & Image Processing, Hubli, Dec 2006.
6 Tushar Jadhav et al. , “Volume Measurement of Object using Computer Vision”, IEEE International Conference On Recent Trends In Electronics Information Communication Technology, May 20-21, 2016, India, PP-1846-1849
Papers presented/published in National Conferences/ seminars / symposia
1 T.R.Jadhav, Dr.Aditya Abhyankar, Dr. Kulbir Singh,"Towards understanding of intrinsic parameters of a camera for 2D to 3D reconstrcution",MVIP-2011,COEP,Pune,7-9 Dec.2011
2 M. Awade,R. Abhinkar, S.Malu, T.R.Jadhav," High Efficiency Double Conversion Inverter using Solar Energy for feeding the National Grid", National Conference on Renewable Energy Sources-Solution to Energy Crisis, Jaipur, June 2011
3 T.R.Jadhav,Manisha Jadhav,"Image Processing a tool for Precision farming & weed control", Technobuzz 2007, Pune, Feb 2007
4 Tushar Jadhav et al.,"Computerized Electrocardiogram", Government College of Engineering,Tirunelvelli,1993
5 Tushar Jadhav et al., " Fuzzy Logic", Technobuzz, National Institute of Technology (then REC) Warangal, 1993