About Department


Excellence in the domain of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for sustainable development.


  1. To impart quality education with regard to existing and evolving AI & DS techniques.
  2. To groom students technologically superior and ethically strong.
  3. To equip students with interdisciplinary skill sets require to cater the needs of the society.

About Programme:

                Artificial Intelligence is ubiquitous and Data Science is inter-disciplinary field which is helpful for students to acquire skill-sets to deal with numerous real time applications in this field. Since last decade, AI and DS witnessed tremendous growth and dramatic breakthrough innovations applied in almost every sector. Recently, new education reforms introduced AI learning right from school education. Successful MNCs like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Flipkart, twitter etc. uses various AI and DS techniques to discover patterns and trends in user’s data and behavior. Various banking and financial companies like Barclays, HDFC, Citi Bank, Morgan Stanley, Avaya etc. uses AI and DS techniques for risk analysis, share market trends analysis, investment banking.

            This programme is perfect blend of AI and DS. This course has comprehensive coverage of fundamentals of computer engineering. along with cross disciplinary skills like statistics, mathematical and logical reasoning, knowledge discovery, visualization, big data analytics etc. Overall the program curriculum is designed in a way that imparts core and necessary skills required in the domain. This specialization course opens many career avenues for aspirants in healthcare, finance, astronomy, agriculture, data security, entertainment, E-commerce, social networking, climatology, biotechnology, genetics, and many more.

            The  department is offering undergraduate programme with the intake of 120. Semester I will be commencing from current academic year and the department is fully committed to impart quality education in this pandemic situation as well.

Dr. Laxmi A. Bewoor
PhD (Computer Sci. & Engg),LMISTE

Head of the Department

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Programme Name B.Tech. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
Establishment Year 2020
Nature of Programme Full Time
Duration 4 Years
Current intake 120