ACM VIIT Student Branch


ACM VIIT Student Chapter was formed on 31st October 2019 with 30 core members and 135 ACM VIIT Chapter Members. ACM VIIT Student Chapter aims to provide students unique opportunities for networking, mentoring, and bonding over common interests by offering a range of resources and benefits, to help them shape the future of computing. The idea was wholeheartedly supported by the Head of the Computer Engineering department at VIIT, Dr. Sachin Sakhare whose guidance and encouragement led the chapter. We encourage students to become the best version of themselves while making sure we keep learning from them too, keeping in motion with our motto:"WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS"



  • ACM VIIT strengthens the computing profession's collective voice through strong leadership, promotion of the highest standards, and recognition of technical excellence. 
  • We support the professional growth of the students by providing opportunities for lifelong learning, career development, and professional networking.
  • As the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society, It also delivers resources that advance computing as a science and a profession. 
  • ACM VIIT has provided quality content and information, community building, reliability, and global vision to its members. It is this unique role that makes ACM the leading resource for advancing the skills of computing professionals and for interpreting the impact of information technology on society.


ACM Faculty Incharge
Mrs.Disha S.Wankhede

ACM Student members

Ansfred D’Souza
Ayan Sayyad
Sarvadnya Chiddarwar
Harsh Oswal

Committee Members

1. A.Y. 2021-22

2. A.Y. 2020-21

3. A.Y. 2019-20


Summary of Events


A.Y. 2021-22

Academic Year

Name of Activity

No.of students


Date of Event



Story telling workshop




ACM Weekly - Full Stack Development


5th September - 3rd October


Placement Diaries


12th December


A.Y. 2020-21

Academic Year

Name of Activity

No. of students


Date of Event



Internship Diaries


19th September - 20th September




DevCup – A 48-hour hackathon on the 25th of September where teams developed a solution, which will improve / enhance the existing technology in the following fields:
1) FinTech
2) EdTech
3) Fitness
4) Healthcare
5) Smart City
Over 50 teams registered, and the winners were decided by a panel. Prizes were awarded to the top 4 teams.
Dexterity – A coding contest was held on 28th with almost 100 participants. Prizes were awarded to the first two individuals in each category.
Seminar – A seminar on web 3.0 was held on 28th with Mr. Dheeraj Shah as the speaker. There were 140 attendees.
Workshop – A workshop was held on 29th with Mr. Niraj Lunawat as the speaker. He guided the participants in making an ML project. There were 120 participants.
Panel Discussion – The panel consisted of 4 people from the industry in various fields. They discussed Industry 5.0 (Improving Humanisation and Sustainability of Industry 4.0). There were 125 participants.

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II. Horizon

To know more about fascinating fields of computer technology, we conducted another week-long event in February; 2022 called “HORIZON” to break the skyline of your dream and experience the advancement in technologies like ML, blockchain, cloud computing, etc.

Horizon, the flagship event of ACM VIIT was initiated on the 14th of February with an interactive session on Cloud Computing which was scheduled at 4 pm.

  • The first day of horizon received an overwhelming response from students as they attended the event in huge numbers.
  • Day 2 of Horizon was started on the 15th of February at 4 pm on super trending technology called BLOCKCHAIN. Attendees showed massive interest as we encounter at least one piece of news daily regarding blockchain technology.
  • Day 3 of Horizon was scheduled for the 16th of February at 5 pm. The topic of the day was Machine learning which is a very booming technology nowadays.
  • The last day of Horizon was scheduled for the 17th of February at 12:30 pm. This was the most awaited and most successful day of Horizon as attendees joined the event in massive numbers as the guest speaker was the GOOGLE guy.


III. ACM Weekly

ACM weekly was an event organized by VIIT ACM. This was a 2-day event that was held online and included some non-technical kinds of stuff like improvising skills like public speaking, presentation skills, body language, and confidence-building. While working in the corporate world we require both technical and non-technical skills like public speaking, body language, presentation skills, etc. So, this event was about improvising these skills in students. There were 50 participants throughout the session. There were technical events conducted too. The beginning was to walk students through the complete web development process. It was a technical event based on “Full stack web development”. This was a two-day event where two of our committee members gave the roadmap to this for creating amazing websites and projects. It also helped the attendees as they can add these projects to their resumes as well. Overall, 120 participants were there throughout the session, they attended the session with full curiosity and enthusiasm. The thing which takes this event to great success is that 60% of participants have successfully made the website.


IV. Placement Diaries

The Placement Diaries was one of the flagship events conducted by ACM VIIT on 12th December 2021. The guest speakers were students of VIIT who cracked internship/placement of renowned multi-national companies.

The event got a tremendous response as students joined it in large numbers, asked questions, and cleared their doubts from the mentors. There were 120 participants.


 V. Internship Diaries 

To know more about placement and interviews we conducted this flagship event on 19th & 20th September where guests were the founding members of ACM VIIT who successfully cracked internships/placements in Nvidia and Microsoft. They shared their placement journey, some tricks, and strategies to crack interviews and gave many more insights on how things work in the corporate world.


VI. Azadi Week

To elevate coding skills we have conducted a week-long event of “competitive coding” and hands-on competitive coding on the occasion of 75th Independence Day.