IPR & Copyrights

Sr. No.Registration No.NameSubject/ Title of CopyrightYearFiling Date
1 4215/2015-CO/SW Dr. K. R. Patil Network Card MAC address swapper 2015 27/08/2015
Quid Jawadwala
2 5599/2015-CO/L Abhijeet Kurle , Dr. K. R. Patil Privacy Preserving Mobile Health Monitoring using Order Preserving Encryption 2015 04/06/2015
3 5600/2015-CO/L Dr. K. R. Patil Client Based Approach For Optimal Network Bandwidth Usage 2015 04/06/2015
4 5601/2015-CO/L Dr. K. R. Patil Automated Sanitizer for Prevention of Crosssite Scripting Vulnerabilities 2015 04/06/2015
5 13134/2015-CO/L Dr. K. R. Patil, A Noval System Architecture for Ubiquitous Computing 2015 02/12/2015
V. A. Meshram,
V. V. Meshram
6 74/2016-CO/SW Dr. K. R. Patil Performance Evaluation Framework for IaaS Services 2016 04/01/2016
7 13094/2016-CO/L N. N. Sakhare Classification of structured data using new weight based algorithm 2016 05/11/2016
8 9698/2017-CO/SW Dr. K. R. Patil, UserSRI 2017 03/11/2016
Ronak Shah
9 13464/2017-CO/SW V K Kolekar Artificial Intelligence and Session Based Password Authentication Schemes 2017 18/09/2017
10 5954/2016-CO/L K H Wanjale A Natural Language Query to SQL Converter using Dependency Parsing 2018 24/04/2018
11 11301/2018-CO/SW MrsFatima Inamdar Visitors Management System 2018 13/08/2018
12 SW-11752/2018

Vikas Kolekar,

Subhash Tatale,

Nitin Sakhare

VNS- A Digital Marketing Tool 2018 27/09/2018
13 12137/2018-CO/L Mrs.Namrata Wasatkar Machine translation 2018 25/08/2018
14 5124/2019-CO/SW

Mrs.Disha S.Wankhede,


Object Detection and classification using Internet of Things and Image Processing for the Application of Monitoring Disease in Plant: A Recognition System 2019 25/04/2019