The campus is connected i.e. all labs are connected to a centralized server and all buildings are connected through fiber optic cable. Hence in all building all labs are on LAN and have internet connectivity.

Sr. No.Laboratory NameLab In chargeCost of the Laboratory
1 Computer  Lab I Mr. P. G. Gawande 1995308
2 Computer Lab II Mrs. P. D. Deshpande 4515163
3 Computer Lab III Mr. R. S. Pol 2146878
4 Hardware Lab I Mrs. S. S. Joshi 6734717
5 Hardware Lab II Mr. K.J. Raut 4818900
6 Hardware Lab III Mrs. R. A. Chavan 4420020
7 Hardware Lab IV Mrs. V. N. Aher 236017
8 Virtual Lab Mr. G.H.Chavan 2065015
Total Cost(Rs.): 26932022

Industry Attached/ Sponsored/ Donated Laboratory: