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Dr. V. A. Patil


Si/Al Multilayer thin film anode for rechargeable lithium ion battery & method for preparing the same



Dr. V. A. Patil


Si-Al codeposited thin film anode for Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries


3 Mr. R. S. Kulkarni 201621007958 Design and development of MEA for High Peak Power Fast responding PEM Fuel Cell Received
4 Mr. S. C. Shamkuwar 201921047994A Design and Development of Multi-functional Gas Cylinder Stand with leak detection and scaling mechanism Published
5 Mrs. M. V. Ghamande 202021001762 Indoor Air Purifier Published
6 Mrs. M. V. Ghamande 202021002526 Process for water purification using coagulant, flocculant and disinfectant Published
7 Dr. P. J. Tipole  201921036150A Design and Development of Innovative Tyre Wear Measurement Machine With Real Time Result Plotter Published
8 Dr. P. J. Tipole  201921041362A Disk Cleaning and Automatic Disk Cooling Mechanism With Color Coded Wear Measurement Technique in Disk Pads. Published
9 Mrs. D. P. Pandit  L-89646/2020 Prediction and Recognition of Human Face Sentiments Using Machine Learning Granted
10 Mrs. F. M. Inamdar  4568/2020-CO/L Predicting the Heart Health Status by Identifying the Prominent Risk Factor using Data Analytics Registered
11 Mrs. M. V. Ghamande  201821045447 Analysis of Micro plastics to determine their characteristics and their impact on the environment Published
12 Mrs. M. V. Ghamande  202021023096 Process for synthesis of diesel oil by catalytic pyrolysis of thermo softening plastic wastes Published
13 Mrs. M. V. Ghamande  2020102340 A Wearable Manually Operated Sensitization Device Filed , Published as well as Awarded
14 Mrs. M. V. Ghamande  201921020619 A Fire Extinguisher Using Sound Wawe Filed as well as Published
15 Mrs. M. V. Ghamande  201821017916 Method for treatment of Eutrophication Filed as well as Published, Granted
16 Mrs. D. P. Pandit  202121004795 A Development of real time social distancing validator prototype using innovative deep learning and median angle proximiser Published
17 Mrs. D. P. Pandit  9383/2020-CO/L Median Angle Proximiser Method for Social Distancing Granted
18 Mrs. D. P. Pandit  7360/2020-CO/L Autonomous Solution to metal product / job testing with defect detection using AI Granted