Innovative Projects(Year 2019-20)
Sr. No Academic Year Name of the Project Name of the Students Awards / Achievements
1 2019-2020 Soil Quality Analysis and Recommender system (Kisan-e-Mitra) Maitri Shah,Prabjyot Singh, Sagar Sayale 1. Patent filed 2. Selected for Zonal/University Level Avishkar
2 2019-20 Identification of KOLs in Pharmaceutics using Network Analysis. Manas Kulkarni,Sachin Gotecha,Sanul Raskar BEST PAPER AWARD in International Conference on future Intelligence in Science andTechnology(SITSFIST-20)
Faculty books publication Details (Year 2019-20)
Sr. No. Name of Faculty Book Title National/ International ISSN no/ISBN No
1 Prof.D.D.Rathod How to attract the right people in 90sec: Book for Influencing people International ASIN: B08BQ95QYR
Industry Consultancy Year (2019-2020)
Sr.No. Title of Project Name of Industry Faculty Mentor Duration of Project
1 MSA implementation Fluid Controls Dr.Suvarna Pawar 6 months
2 E -gatepass Aakar Foundary Dr. P M Shelke 6 months
1 Prof. P. S. Wawage VEM Tooling Pvt Ltd $520
Teachings Awards(2019-20)
Sr.No Name of the Faculty Award/ Recognition Date/ Duration Place
1 Dr.Suvarna Pawar Maharshtra State National Award for outstanding research work by ISTE Nov 2019 SOA university, Bhubaneshwar
2 Dr.Suvarna Pawar PG teacher recognition upto 2020 SPPU, Pune
3 Dr. P M Shelke Best accrediated Student Branch Award by CSI 2019-20 CSI
4 Dr. P M Shelke Best Paper Award in SITSFIST2020 2019-20 SITS,Pune
Funded Research Projects(2019-20)
Sr.No. Name of Faculty Title Funding Agency/Company Grant (INR)
1 R.N.Bhimanpallewar P.S.Wawge Security device for the person in critical situation ASPIRE 2,50,000