• SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) is a network of engineer, executives, educators and students from more than 110 countries who come together to share information and exchange ideas for advancing the engineering of mobility systems

• SAE India currently has 5 sections in India Government College of Engineering, Pune

• There are about 2,000 regular members and more than 27,500 student members in SAE India and the membership is still increasing

About TEAM Vishwaracers BAJA:

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) organizes the intercollegiate design competition known as SAE BAJA. A single seater off-road vehicle is designed and constructed by teams of students from universities across India. The two primary categories of BAJA competitions are M-BAJA(Main BAJA) and E-BAJA(Electric BAJA). The E-BAJA type is where Team Vishwaracers BAJA competes.

Creating off-road vehicles that can resist the harshest elements of challenging terrain is the aim of SAE BAJA. The vehicles used in SAE BAJA competition often resemble dune buggies in appearance. In addition to a single, four-hour endurance race, there are numerous dynamic events, typically four per event. The dynamic events include rock crawls, suspension and traction, maneuverability, sledge pull, acceleration, hill climb and specialty events.

Participating teams present static event reports including, presentations, and design evaluations. In order to ensure that the team’s ultimate standings are based on a combination of static and dynamic events rather than just the performance of their vehicles, the team’s vehicles are rated on their ergonomics, functionality, and producibility at this point. The engineering and design method that was used to construct each system of the team's vehicle is described in the various required reports and is supported by strong engineering concepts. Additionally, to determine which vehicles are the most commercially viable for production, a cost report that contains all the background data required to confirm the vehicle's true cost is used. These reports are provided weeks before each event, where presentations and design evaluations are performed live in front of SAE judges.

Team "Vishwaracers BAJA" began its voyage in 2017 and has since endeavoured to continually push itself to new limits. We constantly strive to produce the greatest automobile possible.

  Key Achievements:

  1. 2019-20 AIR 4/53 Pitampure Indore
  2. 2020-21 AIR 11/53             
  3. 3.2021-22 Overall AIR 6/76 Pitampure   Indore
  4. 4.Design validation 1st /76 cash price                    Rs.20,000/-


  • AIR 4 Overall
  • AIR 3 Cost and Acceleration event

2020-21 (Complete virtual events):

Due to the pandemic, the year was particularly difficult, and as a result, SAE BAJA 2021 was conducted entirely in an online format. Despite all the difficulties, we nonetheless achieved glory.

  • AIR 11 Overall
  • AIR 6 Dynamic
  • AIR 6 Endurance
  • AIR 8 Suspension and Traction 

2021-22 (Hybrid mode):

With our spirits held high, we came back together this year and, despite the challenges, our team delivered the results demanded of it.

  • AIR 6 Overall
  • AIR 1 Design Validation
  • AIR 6 Cost Report
  • AIR 7 Manufacturing
  • AIR 7 Acceleration
  • AIR 8 Maneuverability

Team Vishwaracers BAJA is anticipating pulling off a fantastic season in the BAJA 2023 competition after learning from past experiences and improving on it this year.

Our Contact details:

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