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• SAE India currently has 5 sections in India Government College of Engineering, Pune

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Journey of Team Vishwaracers Electric Baja:
Team Vishwaracers Baja was founded in January 2019. The journey of the team started by initially understanding the event, learning various design and analysis software and connecting with various teams to understand how to start working. As a new team we had many obstacles among which the most difficult was to raise funds to build a vehicle with utmost optimization. Finally, we were able to register for the event. 
In the month of July there is the first phase of the event which is the Virtual Event (Held in Chitkara University, Punjab) in which we have to validate our calculations and design from the judges. We cleared the Virtual Event with a good rank and were promoted to the Main Event which is in the month of January. The next 6 months were the most crucial as we had to build a whole vehicle. Most of the parts used in our vehicle were manufactured by the team, this gave us deep knowledge about manufacturing. After day-night hard work of the whole team our vehicle (Meraxes) was ready to run. We tested our vehicle for the event for a month and finally Meraxes was ready for the Main Event.
The Main Event (Held at Natrax, Pithampur, Indore) comprises of various Static and Dynamic events. The first step for any team is to clear the Technical Evaluation which our team cleared with few changes suggested by the judges. Judges appreciated and endorsed our electrical system. The team participated in all static as well as dynamic events and finished with glorifying results. 
Results of BAJA 2020:
3rd Rank in Cost Report.
3rd Rank in Acceleration. 
Stood 4th in Endurance Race.
Overall Rank 4th.

 •In 2011 & 2013, TEAM V.I.I.T participated in SAEINDIA BAJA which is a competition to design an all terrain buggy

Our Recent Achievements:
1. SUPRA 2019 – 7th TEAM To Clear Technical Inspection,
2. WINNER of MOST COST EFFECTIVE CAR, OVERALL RANK 7th out of total 127 teams.

• Team Vishwaracers secured 5th all India rank out of 122 teams in the SAE Supra 2018 National level competition held at Buddha International Circuit, Greater Noida from 11th June to 16th June 2018.  

• Runner-up award for the cost-efficient vehicle - Rs. 20,000.

• Runner-up award for an auto-cross dynamic event - Rs. 20,000.

• We at SAE VIIT CHAPTER encourage students to participate in various technical conventions held at A.R.A.I PUNE

• In year 2014 we secured 17th position amongst 173 teams in the designing phase for SUPRA 2014 (Separate slide with more details about the event, team photo, analysis images, etc.)

• In 2012, participated in SAE SUPRA. We won the MOST COST EFFECTIVE VEHICLE AWARD