download               S.T.A.R Hackathon (STAR-H)                   
                                                                                                              A collaborative initiative of

                                                                                           Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology &
                                                                                                     IEEE Education Society, Pune Section


About STAR Hackathon

  • The S.T.A.R stands for “fusion of Science and Technology for Agriculture and Rural Development
  • IEEE Education Society, Pune Section, taking initiative to promote social innovation through conceptualizing the Idea of the S.T.A.R hackathon as the flagship event.


Objective of Hackathon:-

  • To keep the student across nationwide motivated in this pandemic situation   towards the innovations
  • To connect the community to foster technological advancement for agriculture and rural development
  • To support rumination for social innovation and sustainable development
  • To create a platform for the support and promote ecological (Local) innovations and development.

Important Dates :-

  • Innovative Ideas Submission Deadline: 19th May 2021
  • Preselection session:  23rd May 2021
  • Grand finale :15th June 2021

Guidelines for Submission

  • The STAR Hackathon is open for a team/group of enthusiastic and motivated students/research scholars.
  • Individual Participation is not allowed
  • Idea must be submitted in a idea_submission_template & restrict presentation for 4 slides.
  • Idea_Submission_Template rename your slides as Groupname_Problem statement id 
  • Registration Link https://www.incubateind.com/hack/starhackathon


  • First prize Rs. 25000/-
  • Second prize Rs. 15000/-
  • Third prize Rs. 10000/-
  • Participation certificates to all selected teams

Problem Statement :-

  • Mobile App for plant/crop diseases identification and prediction using Machine Learning Techniques.
  •  Stored grain insect identification: Mobile App for grain sack analysis/scanning for identification of bugs.
  •  Women friendly improved farm tools for small operations.
  •  Colour Sorter: Image Processing based affordable grain colour sorting system.
  •  Micro-climate identification:   Identification and prediction of local climate of a usually small site or habitat.
  • Soil Moisture Monitoring: Wireless system for alerting farmers on the smartphone about how much, when, and where to water their plants or crops.
  •  Soil nutrients Analyzer:  Automated Soil micro/macro-nutrient analyzer
  • Food Grain Analysis: Automated system for classification and quality analysis of food grains.
  •  Cotton picking: Automated system for intelligent cotton harvesting machine.
  •  Seed Sowing Robot: Automatic seeding sowing and ploughing machine.
  • Automatic weeders for row crops
  • Post harvest trash management system(eg.Sugarcane,Maize)
  • Application for Agro Product & services
  • Application for management & Marketing of agro foods & artifacts
  • Replacement to traditional fuel by biodegradable fuel
  • Technique for early detection of pest in cotton
  • Perishable crop wastage, storage management
  • Application for farming as a service
  • Affordable drone technology for spraying in indian scenario
  • Affordable solution for food processing in indian Scenario
  • Supply chain management for agro product and services in indian scenario
  • Telemedicine for rural health care management
  • Build an online system for monitoring water quality, leaks, contamination, and managing pipeline network.
  • Smart Garbage systems
  • Smart education system
  • Development of Low Cost Solar Dryer for Hygienic drying.
  • Design and Development of Integrated curing and storage structure for onions.
  • Cold Storage Facility for Post-harvest Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables using Solar and Biomethane Heat Based Refrigeration.
  • Enhancement of Shelf-life of Perishable Agro Produce using Evaporative Cooling Technology.
  • Cost effective mechanism to treat waste water in small villages
  • Artificial intelligence enabled robotic trash boat to drive & harvest floating trash from urban drain.
  • Priority Road List for Maintenance
  • Automatic Assessment of Pavement condition based on road photographs

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