Industry Connect

Industry Advisory Board

VIIT has constituted an Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) for the engineering department to strengthen programs, curriculum and delivery strategies.IAB evaluates the performance of the program twice a year and explores the new opportunities. 

Around 87 industry stalwarts are on IAB of the different department from the companies like TCS, BAI, Atlas Copco, Crest Technology, Deutsche Bank, Cognizant Technologies, TATA Motors etc. 

IAB Role

  • The IAB helps us to identify the training needs as per industry requirements.
  • The members proactively engaged in planning and organizing workshops and guest lectures for the benefit of the students.
  • They also provide an opportunity for the internships and mentor the student's project.            


                     Civil Engineering  (IAB)          
                    Computer Engineering  (IAB)       
                    Information Technology (IAB)
                    E&TC Engineering  (IAB)        
                    Mechanical Engineering  (IAB)
                    Engineering and Applied Science  (IAB)