Industry Connect

Industry Training

The industrial training program is important not only for engineering students but also fr the faculty members to keep them up to date with the current changing technology. It not only builds confidence but also helps in taking up complicated projects easily.

VIIT always arranges short (one to three days) and long term training ( one week to two weeks)  from the industry for the students as well as faculty.

Audit Course

Sr.No.TrainingTrainer Name
1 Resume building workshops by CV dragon expert Mr.Cherag Bachhavat-CEO
2 Aptitude training on Quant,Logic and verbal Mr.Vikrant Sukhatankar & FUEL experts
3 FUEl Skill assessment test By Fuel faculties
4 IMS Mock aptitude test MR.Abhas from IMS academy
5 Personality Development & Motivation with Guidance Of  Opportunities in Civil Services Mr.Amit Medhekar
6 GD and PI practice sessions By IBS management faculties
7 AMCAT,Autometa+Autometa Fix Aspiring Minds
8 Startup and grooming session byMillion Minds By Million Mind trainers
9 Finishing session - How to be Healthy, happy & Successful Engineer.Psychometric testing Mr.Kaustubh Pujari -TCS HR
10 Audit course evaluation and mock interviews By VIIT alumni students

CRT Program

1 Reference Globe semester break learning program Reference globe
2 Barclays Connect with Work training program for BE Civil (24 Hrs) FUEL Resources
3 CRT program- Aptitude training course IMS academy
4 Mock Placement Drive – GD & PI IMS academy
5 Barclays Connect with Work training program for BE Mechanical (24 Hrs) GTT Resources

Refresher Course for unplaced student

Sr.No.TrainingTrainer Name
1 Aptitude preassessment test FUEL Faculty
2 Aptitude training Vikrant Sukhtankar
3 Aptitude post assessment test FUEL Faculty
4 Wileys pre-assessment aptitude and programing test Arjun Kukreja
5 Programing hands on training Akinkya Sonawane
6 AMCAT+Autometa+Autometa Fix practice test Ankur Shrivastav
7 Mock Interviews Cognizant experts

Technical Training Program

Sr.No.TrainingTrainer Name
1 Soft skill Padmini Bhasin GTT
2 Software languages Kajo Shaha
3 Software testing ACS training agency