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            Dr. Parikshit N. Mahalle
            Dean R&D
            email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
            Contact no:  9822416316/9307941193



            Dr. Mrs. Rupali Atul Mahajan
            Associate Dean R&D
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            Contact no: 9175974452


Welcome to the Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology (VIIT). It is my pleasure to introduce you to our research activities at the Institute. VIIT has strong engineering research programs in the discipline of core and circuit branches of engineering, with substantial experience in training undergraduate and postgraduate students with most of the faculty with a research and development mindset, who believe in strong research for better academics.

VIIT envisioned excellence in technical education where academics, research, and industry partnerships go together and are an integral part to make competent engineers with technical skills of the highest standards. To promote research and make it a culture, the institute supports through seed funding for research, allows and promotes semester-long internships, rewards for publication in refereed journals and conferences, and supports IPR protection through mentoring and financial support. It also supports faculty members financially to gain the highest qualifications. Research and VIIT have crossed the boundaries and entered societal domains through the establishment of technology research centres for Agriculture, life sciences, and sustainable development.

Growth of the institute in terms of faculty achievements in terms of faculty qualifications, publication of papers and IPRs, receipt of grants for projects and consultancies, and participation of faculty and students in conferences and other research activities is a result of policies and initiatives by the leaders at times and efforts by the faculty and students at UG and PG programs. UG students demonstrated their capabilities through different hackathons and other research competitions and projects, Robocon and SUPRA-BAJA, etc.

VIIT is an autonomous doctoral research centre with 125+ active doctoral students, working in different areas of engineering research under the able guidance of 30+ guides within the institutes, we do encourage collaborative research and facilitate members from other institutes as adjunct guides.


  • To promote research activities at the institutional level through awareness and support systems.
  • To serve as a facility centre for budding researchers for doctoral research.
  • To create a pool of researchers in the field of applied innovations for societal benefits through Technology Research Centres.
  • To inculcate research culture among students through semester-long internships, research projects, and supporting IPRs and Publications.

R&D Team at Institute and Departments:

We are happy to support the activities related to research and development, promotion of publications and IPRs and helping students converting ideas to products and patents. We are enablers for incubation and innovations, support doctoral studies through facilitation and guidance, monitoring and handholding.

  • Doctoral Research Center: Prof. Shardul G Joshi, Dept of Civil Engg
  • Publication Assessment and Support: Prof. Satish Chinchanikar, Dept of Mechanical Engg
  • IPR Cell: Prof. Ketan Raut, Dept of E&Tc Engg.
  • Inst Innovation Cell: Prof. Dipti Pandit, Dept of E&TC Engg, Prof. Vaishali Mishra, Dept of Computer Engg.
  • Research Internships: Prof. Kirti Wanjale, Dept of Computer Engg.
  • Coordinating Research Activities, Events and Promotion at Departmental Level:
    • Dr. Pradnya Dixit, Civil Engg.
    • Dr. Nitin Ambhore, Mech Engg.
    • Prof. Minal Deshmukh, E&TC Engg.
    • Prof. Vidya Gaikwad, Computer Engg.
    • Dr. Jayashree Bagade, Info Technology
    • Dr. Varsha Jadhav, AIDS
  • Technology Research Centres:
    • Healthcare and Life Sciences: Dr, Shraddha Habbu
    • Energy and Sustainable Development: Dr. Pradnya Dixit
    • Agriculture: Dr Pravin P. Hujare
  • Research Advisory Council
  • Grants received from Government and non-governmental agencies
  • PhD students registered per teacher
  • National-International Fellowship