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Funded Projects and Consultancy

Funded Research Projects

Sanction Year Title of Project Dept Name of PI Funding agency Grant Sanctioned
2012-16 Real time wave forecasting using wavelet based soft computing techniques CIVIL Prof. S.N.Londhe(PI)
Mrs. P.R.Dixit (Co-PI)
AICTE New Delhi 3,07,000.00
2014-2016 Optimization of low voltage DC micro-grid with intelligent solar PV Utilization for a Computer laboratory ENTC Mr.Vivek M. Aranake  (PI)
.Mr.M.S.Patil (Co-PI)
ISRO-UoP Space Technolgy Cel 21,39,000.00
  2013-16 Structural Health Monitoring of Reinforced Concrete element using Acoustic Emission Technique CIVIL Prof. B. S. Karkare (PI)
Mrs. S. V. Patil (Co-PI)
Rajiv Gandhi Science & Technolgy Commission ,Govt. of Maharashtra 18,37,000.00
2013-16 Improving location specific wave forecast using Soft Computing
CIVIL PI-Prof. S.N.Londhe (PI)
-Mrs. P.R.Dixit (Co-PI)
INCOIS Hyderabad, Ministry of Earth Sciences 15,09,000.00
2015-17 Design, fabrication and testing of a compact and robust Monochromator E&AS Dr.C.S.Garde(PI) ISRO 19,44,000.00
2015-17 Design  of an adaptive error resilient & robust access control system using multimodal based biometric modalities for multilayered high security application ENTC Prof.Y.H.Dandawate (PI)
Mrs.P.D.Deshpande (CO-PI)
Rajiv Gandhi science & technology commision 5,10,000.00
2015-17 Development and set-up of the Connected Devices Laboratory for Pune Mozilla Community and Engineering Students COMP PI.- Prof. K R Patil (PI) Mozilla 80,000.00
Proof of concepts for Internet-of-Things (IoT) based Software-as-a-Service Model COMP PI.- Prof. K R Patil (PI) Amazon Web Services, USA< 2,05,000.00
2016-17 Investigation on cutting forces and vibration signal when turning harden steel Mech Nitin Ambhore / S.S.Chinchinkar BCUD GRANT- 2016 TO 2018 1,00,000.00
2016-17 Switch Beam application for ISM band ENTC Ms.A.B. Barbadekar BCUD GRANT- 2016 TO 2018 75,000.00
2016-17 A Serial to Parallel C++ Code Converter for Multi-Core Machine COMP A K Barve, Dr. M. S. Karykarte BCUD GRANT- 2016 TO 2018 1,00,000.00
2016-17 Bio Gas Plant Monitoring System COMP Deggaonkar Suruchi BCUD GRANT- 2016 TO 2018 25,000.00
2016-17 Agument Realitybased Circuit Design Simulator IT Y D Deshpande BCUD GRANT- 2016 TO 2018 50,000.00
2016-17 Power System, Thermax Project Grant ENTC V M Aranke Thermax 25,000.00
2016-17 IOT managed Electronic Devices leading to product development E&AS Rohini Bhalerao - Panajkar Advance Controls & Automation, Hyderabad 2,00,000.00
2017-2019 Design and Development of Portable System for Cranking of Locomotive Engine based on high Frequency power Converters and Super Capacitors ENTC Dr.Rajendra Talaware (PI) DRDO 24,80,000.00
2017-2018 ARANAKE V.M.-NANAP PROJECT GRANT ENTC V M Aranke Consultancy 1,00,000.00
2017-2018 Design and development of partial weight bearing assistance system for orthopedic patient ENTC S V Kulkarni BCUD GRANT- 2016 TO 2018 1,00,000.00
2017-2018 Wireless channel characterization and investigating behavior of 802.11 through Air-Pcap captured packets ENTC R G Purandare BCUD GRANT- 2016 TO 2018 75,000.00
2017-2018 Developing an efficient technique for discovering sequential pattern from spatio-tempral dataset COMP L A Bewoor BCUD GRANT- 2016 TO 2018 75,000.00
2019-20 Security device for the person in critical situation IT R. N. Bhimanpallewar
P .S .Wawge
BCUD GRANT- 2019 TO 2020 2,50,000.00
2019-20 Adaptive Traffic Management System Using Internet of Things COMP Nitin N. Sakhare, Subhash B. Tatale BCUD GRANT- 2019 TO 2020 2,50,000.00
2019-20 SPPU Chat-bot COMP Mrs. N.N. Wasatkar     Mrs. D. A. Verma BCUD GRANT- 2019 TO 2020 2,50,000.00
2019-20 Investigation of A3BZx systems for interplay between superconductivity and magnetism and novel superconductors E&AS Dr.C.S.Garde (PI) UGC-DAE 2,54,000.00
2019-20 Development of gateway point for integrating data from wired /wireless environment and soil temperature, humidity sensors and leaf image data from smart phone for timely assistance about the crop health and advice farmers to take preventive measures in order to get maximum yield ENTC Dr. Y. H. Dandawate (PI) SIG-IEEE HAC 1,50,000.00
2020-21 MODROB -AICTE Comp Dr.Mandar Karyakarte AICTE New Delhi 20,00,000.00